Meet Anthem, the Destiny-like MMORPG from the makers of Mass Effect

Jet packs, monsters, emergent gameplay and more sum up BioWare's first foray into a persistent online world

Teased at EA's showcase on Saturday night, BioWare's latest project and new IP, Anthem, was properly unveiled at last night's Microsoft keynote. According to the Canadian developer, its latest project isn't an RPG but an 'action adventure' where you hunt monsters with other players in a persistent online world.

This is a first BioWare, a studio best known for crafting long-form single-player RPGs with multiplayer modes often tacked onto the side for completion's sake. BioWare is calling Anthem a 'live service' full of co-operative monster hunts (we saw up to four players teaming up), looting and exploration.

There's an incredibly strong Destiny vibe here, what with the whole MMO setup and the use of overtly familiar mech suits (called Javelins in Anthem parlance) and a sci-fi setting where a city of humans walls itself away from destruction. Jet packs are big thing here, with the two exosuits shown off so far (the heavy Colossus and the speedy Ranger) bringing another not to Bungie's online hit.

Anthem is due to arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC in the autumn of 2018. It will almost certainly have PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support.