Most gamers won't upgrade for VR and don't have big bedrooms

Valve survey also reveals that Pope 'may be catholic' and that bear-in-woods excreting 'sometimes occurs'

A survey by Valve has found that a good portion of gamers aren't prepared to upgrade their PC for VR gaming.

The research took in the opinions of some 2,000 virtual reality enthusiasts (mainly drawn from the SteamVR forum, and 43% of them said they would use their current computer for their VR experiences.

34% said they would use their current machine but with hardware upgrades (most likely the GPU, although the survey didn't specify), and just under 20% said they were planning to buy a completely new PC for their virtual reality gaming.

That's a pretty good chunk of gamers who aren't prepared to spend on their PC when it comes to the big VR devices such as the Oculus Rift hitting the mainstream next year.

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Or another way of looking at it could be that these folks already have a powerful enough rig that they don't foresee the need to upgrade. It's not exactly clear yet, though, exactly how beefy a machine will need to be in order to drive a fluid VR experience (because let's face it, if it's not fluid, jerky frame rates are hardly going to help with any potential VR sickness issues).

The survey also uncovered another point of interest for developers – most of these gamers have their main gaming rig in their bedroom. 43% of them to be precise, and 69% said they would definitely not move their PC to a different room just to experience VR in a bigger space.

That's a key issue of course. The space available in a typical gamer's bedroom, is a less-than-palatial 2.8m x 2.6m, according to the average in the survey. Devs certainly need to bear this in mind when coding their masterpieces, or things are gonna get broken…

Via: Gamasutra