Magic Leap CEO defends report that its AR isn’t as mind-blowing as it teases

After a negative report, Magic Leap points out new developments incoming

Magic Leap has been going through the ringer of late after a reporter tried its augmented reality headset and wasn’t impressed. Now it’s defending itself and teasing a new development.

The reporter, Reed Albergotti, who tested a developmental headset joined the few other people outside of the company to have actually seen Magic Leap in action. The report compares it to Microsoft’s HoloLens - something the Magic Leap team have openly criticised in the past. It also points out even the employees were concerned that the videos mislead the public on what Magic Leap can actually do.

Until now we’ve only seen CGI videos showing what the headset should be able to do. 

All the hype from the videos has led to the company receiving $1.4 billion funding and to it being valued at $4.5 billion - despite not actually showing off its work. Perhaps this report was necessary to calm the hype?

Either way the CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz, has responded with a public message. He points out that the company is still in the early product equivalent production phase, so it’s not the final model. He makes a point of saying that these products are being made to test production and there are still developments to revealed.

"The units we are building now are for engineering and manufacturing verification/validation testing, early reliability/quality testing, production line speed, and a bunch of other important parameters," said Abovitz. "There is also a lot more going in our development of software, applications, cool creative experiences and overall operational readiness. Stay tuned — the fun is just beginning."

Here’s hoping something real - and impressive - is created and shown off soon or Magic Leap may end up being a let down.

via Mashable