Leaked iPhone 15 videos confirm that thin is in for the Pro and Pro Max

More evidence emerges of a slimmer redesign for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra phone in silver and gold on white background
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We've reported several rumours that the iPhone 15 Pro will be significantly slimmer than the current iPhone 14 range. And while the official reveal of the next generation  of Apple's best phone is still months away, leaks are already leaking. The latest one, shared on Chinese websites and then posted to Twitter, show videos of what appears to be the front glass for the Pro and presumably the Pro Max too.

The videos indicate that the thinner bezels are for the Pro model only; the glass for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus appears to be the same as the current models' glass. But the panels do suggest that rumours of the Dynamic Island making its way from the Pros to all iPhones were correct: the glass here has cutouts for that very thing.

What to expect from the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple appears to be continuing its policy of putting clear blue water between the iPhone Pro / Pro Max and the other models in the range. We've previously heard rumours of a titanium frame for the iPhone 15 Pro, and other reports have suggested more RAM too

That extra RAM is more important for the Pro and Pro Max due to its significantly higher resolution camera setup and more powerful image processing, both of which require more memory for smooth performance.

It's a safe bet that the iPhone 15 will get USB-C this time around, but again there may be a difference between the Pro and the non-Pro versions: the latter are rumoured to be stuck with Lightning speeds, with only the Pro and Pro Max getting the full-fat USB-C data transfer experience. Again, that makes sense for the bigger photos and videos those phones produce. 

And of course it's another way for Apple to try and tempt you to buy its more expensive, and more profitable, models. In addition to a spec bump this year, we're expecting the Pro to get a price hike too.

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