iPhone 15 suddenly sounds like an incredibly awesome instabuy

Apple's rumored new iPhone brought to life as we've never seen previously

iPhone 15 smartphone in red colorway on white background
(Image credit: 4RMD)

Despite the iPhone 14 range of handsets still being fresh to the market, we're already hearing exciting talk in the smartphone rumor mill about the iPhone 15.

Both rumored hardware and features have already leaked for the iPhone 15, as well as its range-topping iPhone 15 Ultra, and simply put Apple's new 2023 iPhone sounds like it's going to be the best iPhone for most people the firm has ever made.

The iPhone 15, so leaked information states, is going to offer an always-on 120Hz refresh rate screen, Dynamic Island, a periscope lens, a bigger battery with enhanced battery life,  a USB Type-C port and, whisper it, maybe even twin selfie cameras.

And now, adding to the excitement further, we've just got our best look at the iPhone 15 courtesy of this incredibly stylish new video trailer, which comes courtesy of master concept creator 4RMD. And the concept video, which is based on the most current leaked information, makes the iPhone 15 look like an incredibly attractive instabuy.

The iPhone 15 depicted here comes with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR always-on display equipped with the previous iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max exclusive feature, Dynamic Island.

The phone also comes with another big screen upgrade that, until now, has been the reserve of Pro iPhone users only, a 120Hz refresh rate. The ProMotion display on this iPhone 15 is topped off with a Ceramic Shield.

In terms of cameras, the handset comes with a 12MP Ultra Wide camera and 48MP Wide camera, the latter coming with a Quad-pixel sensor. There is no mention of a selfie camera in the video or a  periscope lens.

When it comes to performance and power, this iPhone 15 is powered by Apple's rumored to be incoming A16 Bionic system-on-chip (SoC), while a new bigger 'all day' battery is advertised, with a new USB Type-C port used for wired charging and data transfer.

Finally, in terms of colorways, the iPhone 15 is shown coming in Blue, Purple, White, Product (Red) and Black.

iPhone 15 smartphone

(Image credit: 4RMD)

The T3 take: the handset iPhone 14 should have been

One look at the iPhone 15 here and it's obvious that it is the handset the iPhone 14 should have been. It delivers the same attractive design and base platform as that handset but then upgrades the areas where iPhone 14 was left wanting.

For example, reviewers all over the world (including us here at T3) called out Apple over the lack of ProMotion display on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, with both handsets locked to 60Hz. In an age where even cheap Android phones come with 90Hz or 120Hz displays, this felt sub-optimal and disappointing, so it's fix here feels bang on.

In addition, Dynamic Island (which was also missing on iPhone 14) coming to iPhone 15 also feels inevitable and something that regular, non-Pro iPhone users would love, so it's great to see here.

Photography on iPhone 14 was a noticeable improvement over iPhone 13, so the similar primary snapper showed off here on iPhone 15 also feels a good fit, although the lack of detail on the rumored dual selfie camera and periscope lens is frustrating. We've got a feeling here that if a dual selfie cam and periscope lens do come to the iPhone 15 range, then they're going to come to the Pro models only.

iPhone 15 smartphone

(Image credit: 4RMD)

All the rest of the listed spec bumps feel accurate, too. It is obvious to everyone that A16 Bionic is coming, so that will power the next range of iPhones, while the long-rumored USB Type-C from Lightning port switch feels closer than ever, so we can absolutely see that happening on iPhone 15.

Basically, this concept feels very accurate right now to what we're going to see officially unveiled in September 2023. And, if you've not upgraded to iPhone 14 at launch, it now looks like it could be worth holding off one more year, as iPhone 15 looks like it will be a noticeable upgrade and instabuy.

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