Is this the iPhone 15 Pro? It sure looks like it

You won't believe how different the iPhone 15 Pro looks, unless you weren't expecting it to look very different

Alleged leaked image of iPhone 15 Pro USB-C port
(Image credit: Unknownz21 / Twitter)

Could the above image be the fabled iPhone 15 Pro in the metal? To quote legendary cartoon character Hong Kong Phooey, "could be!" 

The image comes via Unknownz21 on Twitter, who claims it's a genuine image of the iPhone 15 Pro chassis featuring its widely rumoured USB-C port. The image also appears to back up the rumour that the iPhone 15 Pro would be getting a titanium rather than a stainless steel chassis. While the titanium will reportedly be limited to the Pro and higher, the port should feature in the entire iPhone 15 range.

It's not the most exciting image, I know, but 9to5Mac have something more attractive to show you.

The iPhone 15 Pro: think similar

The Mac website has published some renders by Ian Zelbo based on all the iPhone 15 rumours to date (well, the credible ones anyway). So there's a thicker camera bump with a very similar layout, less prominent buttons (possibly solid state rather than mechanical), a periscope lens in the Pro Max/Ultra and a slightly thinner chassis.

Overall, it's fair to say that the design changes aren't dramatic – but then, we weren't expecting them to be. Multiple reports say that the biggest changes are coming to the other phones in the iPhone 15 range, which will look more like the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max and which will get the fun and genuinely useful Dynamic Island.

As with the iPhone 14 range, we're expecting Apple to distinguish between the standard iPhone and the more premium models by limiting the newest, most powerful processor, full speed USB-C and the best camera features to the most expensive iPhones, with features trickling down from those models the following year. We're also expecting to see a price hike on the Pro, and possibly even a premium priced iPhone 15 Ultra that sits above rather than replaces the iPhone Pro Max. 

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