Last-minute Christmas gift idea: Huawei Band 6 fitness tracker is almost half price at Currys

A cheap and cheerful Band 6 can now be yours for just under £35!

Huawei Band 6 deal
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Where did the time go, it's nearly Christmas! and considering delivery times in these troublesome times, if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, you'd better do it soon otherwise your loved ones might end up receiving their Christmas gifts in January.

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Here is a good Christmas gift idea for you: the Huawei Band 6, a cheap but smart fitness tracker, is now only £34.99 at Currys. That's an extra £10 off the price it usually sells for and over £25 of its RRP.

Huawei Band 6: was £44.99, now £34.99 at Currys

Huawei Band 6: was £44.99, now £34.99 at Currys
The Band 6 can monitor heart rate, track sports, steps, calories burned and sleep and has a battery life of up to two weeks. It's also water-resistant and can display smart notifications and messages. Now £10 off at Currys!

Should you buy the Huawei Band 6 for Christmas

The Huawei Band 6 is a very decent fitness tracker. It has a 1.47" AMOLED display which is bigger and more detailed than most fitness trackers you can buy today. Fitness trackers with AMOLED screens, such as the Fitbit Charge 5, sell for much more than £34.99.

But the Gand 6 is not just a pretty face. It has 96 workout modes so whatever workout you prefer, rest assured the Huawei Band 6 will be able to track it. It can also monitor Sp02 (blood oxygen) levels, heart rate, stress, menstrual cycle and even sleep. Nothing too revolutionary but for the price, we're not complaining.

Despite the large AMOLED screen, the Huawei Band 6 has an amazing battery life, which is somewhat of a Huawei speciality. Other smart wearables from the brand, such as the awesome Huawei Watch GT 3, is also famous for their crazy-long battery life.

Not just that but putting the Band 6 on charge for just five minutes will give you an extra 2 days of battery life. And thanks to the silicone band, it's comfy to wear and can be worn in the swimming pool or shower.

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