Keep your dog entertained with THIS indestructible dog toy

It’s not just humans that enjoy playing with high-tech gadgets - your dog can get in on the act too with the Wickedbone

Keep your dog entertained with this indestructible dog toy
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Dogs playing with bones is about as traditional as you can get, but if you’re a lover of tech - perhaps it’s time to let your furry friend enjoy some of the fun. 

That’s where the Wickedbone comes in, an interactive and rugged dog toy. What’s more, it’s especially useful if you've got a dog bursting with energy while you’re trying to get some work done at home. 

With the Wickedbone, you’ve got two different options to experiment with, depending on how much interaction (and time) you’ve got to spare. 

In “Drive Mode”, you can control the toy through the Wickedbone App, moving it around at up to 3.5m/s with a virtual joystick. There are nine available motions, giving you the possibility to create lots of different action combos as you and your dog play. You can control the bone from up to 20 metres away so you won’t even need to get up off the sofa if you’re feeling particularly lazy. 

Next up is the Interactive Mode, which is programmed to attract your dog’s attention and takes the job out of your hands. The Wickedbone will respond to different types of touch, depending on how your dog is playing with it - so you can leave it to get on with it while you crack on with something else. 

The Wickedbone has been designed to be safe, soft and strong. It’s made from polycarbonate and TPU, while the material of the body and the tires has been certified as safe for both humans and pets. At the same time though, the manufacturer promises that it’s sufficiently strong enough to rest the normal impact of pet’s playtime. You can also easily clean the tires should you need to. 

Battery life is rated at around 40 minutes if you’re controlling it yourself, but you get up to 4 hours when using it in interactive mode - it’s more likely that the dog will get tired and go for a nap before it does. 

You can buy the Wickedbone in five different colours, either directly from the manufacturer Cheerble’s website, or from Amazon.

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