Google Street View goes indoors with Business Photos

Pilot project by Google completely voluntary; allows people to wander inside businesses

Business photos by Google goes one step further and allows people to view interiors of different businesses, all of which have volunteered for the latest project by the search giant

Moving one step ahead of the streets, Business Photos on Street View allows users to navigate their way across a store or business.

Google started asking for applications in 2010 for those firms which wanted to be included in this latest venture, and the results are being seen now.

This latest feature of Street View is brings the same 360-degree technology to the interiors of any firm that wants the world to look in on what it does.

Locations such as London and Paris are included in the initial roll out, as well as places in Australia and USA.

Once a firm requests to be in this feature, Google sends its photographers to snap away and the pictures become the property of the search giant.

Currently, users will have to visit a business' Place Page to access this service.

Would you be interested in volunteering a firm of your own for this service? Let us know what you think about this new feature through Twitter and Facebook or through the comments section.

Via: TechRadar