Google Pixel 4 will let you communicate with Google Assistant in an entirely new way

Just lift up the Pixel 4 and start speaking

Google Pixel 4
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel 4 will allow users to communicate with Google Assistant just by raising the handset and starting to speak, reports Android fansite 9to5Google.

This will co-exist alongside the option to launch Google Assistant by mumbling "Hey, Google", squeezing the handset by the frame and making an on-screen gesture.

There's no word on whether the feature comes enabled out of the box, or whether it will even be available when the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL launch on October 15.

In an attempt to keep user information safe, voice-recognition takes place exclusively on the handset – not on an external server, as is the case with other digital assistants.

Engadget raises a valid concern, though – Big G would have had to introduce some sort of failsafe to prevent Assistant from launching whenever the device is picked up.

One way around it would be to have Assistant fire up when the device is held to your ear – similar to how Siri functioned on the iPhone, before the feature was scrapped.

Google seems to be betting big on Assistant's forthcoming new-found intelligence to drive sales of the Google Pixel 4, rather than some wacky new hardware feature.

In addition to the rumoured raise-to-speak feature, Assistant is also tipped to be armed with the ability to wait out the frustrating elevator music while you're on hold.

From a recent leak, we also know that Assistant will have a slightly different look.

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