Google launches website to quash concerns about self-driving cars

They’re better drivers than us, apparently

Self-driving cars are still in their infancy, yet people are becoming increasingly skeptical about how safe they really are. So to address any concerns before its own fleet hits the road this summer, Google has launched a new website to clear things up.

Google doesn't want you to be fret about hopping in one of its self-driving cars, so it's launched a dedicated safety website to explain how it all works.

The internet giant gives illustrations and examples of how its driverless cars are able to adapt to traffic situations and also includes a forum, so people can provide community feedback.

In addition, Google has begunreleasing monthly reportson the project's progress, detailing everything from miles driven to examples of everyday situations encountered by its fleet of vehicles.

One major thing that's also addressed are crashes. Google's self-driving cars have only been involved in 12 minor accidents during their six years of action, however, the majority of accidents were the result of human error, according to the company.

In a blog post, Chris Urmson, head of Google's driverless-car project, emphasised that every accident was the fault of other drivers: "Rear-end crashes are the most frequent accidents in America, and often there's little the driver in front can do to avoid getting hit," wrote Urmson.

"We've been hit from behind seven times, mainly at traffic lights but also on the freeway. We've also been side-swiped a couple of times and hit by a car rolling through a stop sign," he added, before saying that other drivers often looked distracted. "Our safety drivers routinely see people weaving in and out of their lanes... We've spotted people reading books, and even one playing a trumpet."

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