Google and Motorola to release 5.9-in Nexus 'Shamu' phablet?

A new big-screen offering looks likely from the partner firms

A sneaky tipster has revealed that a 5.9-in Nexus phablet might be in the works over at Google HQ...

Google and Motorola might be gearing up to launch a brand new 5.9" Nexus device, planting the handset firmly in phablet territory.

The mystery Nexus, codename Shamu, will target the US and some unspecified world markets - likely the ones that already have access to the Nexus line-up - and is reported to be currently in development according to AndroidPolice.

"The rumour this time is simple - according to information made available to us," reads the AP article. "Motorola is working on a device with Google code named Shamu."

"The phone is supposed to carry a sizable 5.9" display of unknown resolution, and - interestingly - a fingerprint sensor."

The anonymous tipster dropped hints that the phablet Nexus would launch around November, but AndroidPolice says that it's "not something to place bets on."

AP wasn't fortunate enough to receive any snaps of the mystery device, but it says it's confident in the info provided.

With a 5-5in Apple iPhone on the horizon and Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 firmly entrenched in the market, it's not out of the question that Google and Motorola would want to launch a competetive phablet around the 6-in mark.

Stay tuned and we'll update you as we find out more.

Source AndroidPolice

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