The ultra-compact Vango Atom backpacking stove does it all, anywhere

Hot food up a mountain? Belly warming fuel in a forest? This 66g, 6x4cm stove will have you cooking on gas, wherever you are

Vango Atom Ultralight Backpacking Stove
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Want to head into the great outdoors while keeping a great selection of eating options? The Vango Atom Ultralight Backpacking Stove could be your ideal travelling buddy. Coming from a brand known for making some of the best outdoor kit, it's worth a look.

Go up a mountain, trek through a forest or get warm after a surf on the beach. Whatever the outdoor cooking scenario all you need is a stove, and this one made it onto our list of the best camping stoves. If you're really going extreme then you might also want a nice rest in a camping chair too – just saying, do it right.

The Vango Atom Ultralight Backpacking Stove is a super simple and lightweight design that's made for taking with you on the move. This hike-friendly stove is just 66g in weight and folds down small for compact packing in a backpack or even a back pocket. At 6x4cm this is small enough to go with you anywhere but opens to cook without worry of a lack of power.

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Vango Atom Ultralight Backpacking Stove

The opened up version
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Folds up tiny, to be tucked into the side of your backpack
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There is no igniter to worry about on this little unit. Though that does mean you'll need to carry a lighter or similar to get this going. Once you're burning there is up to 3000W of pure heating power on offer. That translates to a litre of water boiling in as little as three and a half minutes.

The price of this simple unit is low making it a great option for anyone new to backpacking stoves that wants to give it a try without shelling out too much right away. You are limited to a pot size of 11cm so keep that in mind if you're planning to buy some cooking kit to go with this little beauty. Screw this into a butane propane mix gas canister and the spring-loaded valve control means you're good to go. Simples.