Samsung Galaxy S11 looks incredible in this video reveal

The new video shows the design from every angle, including a weird camera setup

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

By now, we know – or at least, we think we know – an awful lot about the Samsung Galaxy S11. We believe it will come with an enormous 108MP camera. It's possible it could be the first buttonless smartphone, but it's more likely it won't be a radical departure from the Samsung Galaxy S10. It's being built under the codename "Picasso", which is, according to internet tipster Onleaks, a reference to its trippy new camera system. 

The rumour is that the camera module will sport the lenses and sensors, including the ultra-wide-angle, flash and (presumably) time-of-flight depth perceiving lens are set in an unusual, irregular pattern. Based on this Onleaks rumour, phone renderer Concept Creator put together this amazing video, showcasing a design of the phone incorporating all the most likely rumours so far. Check it out below:

The main camera (presumably the one with a 108MP sensor) is front and centre here, which is why the others are arranged irregularly around it. Strangely, these leaks don't line up with the renders provided by noted leakster Iceuniverse, who showcased an S11 with a similar-shaped black module, but a more conventional camera placement as seen below:

Samsung Galaxy S11

(Image credit: Iceuniverse)

Perhaps the difference in placement here will be between the Galaxy S11 and the S11 Plus. The wacky camera is certainly an unusual-looking design, but everything else about the phone conforms to our expectations.

The rumours that the S11 would be the company's first buttonless phone don't seem to have been incorporated, and neither have those whispers of an under-screen camera. Instead, the S11 here sports a largely conventional design, with a punch-hole selfie camera, slim bezels and a large screen-to-body ratio. 

Just how accurate is this render? We'll know a little more soon, as that 18 February 2020 launch date creeps ever closer. Not long to go now...

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