Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus camera revealed... but can it beat the Huawei P40?

The Samsung Galaxy S11's new iPhone 11 Pro-style camera module has been confirmed in new leak

Samsung Galaxy S11
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Last week, Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus's camera system was revealed in a couple of grainy, leaked photos. Boasting a rectangular module on which sat an array of five cameras, it appears we have further confirmation that this info was accurate... or, at least, half accurate. 

Leakster-in-chief Iceuniverse, the Twitter user responsible for the previous leak, has got a much higher-quality image of part of the camera's array. Initially, it looks like a single vertical line, a la the Note 10 Plus, but on closer inspection, the other half of the array is concealed by a screen, in what looks like concept art from an upcoming marketing campaign. Check it out below:

The "ToF" that Ice refers to here is a "time-of-flight" camera, a form of imaging hardware used to measure distance and volume to provide more accurate depth in photos and videos. With half of the rectangular module hidden, it still looks an awful lot like those leaked real-world photos that have also made the rounds...

Despite fact the Samsung Galaxy S11 has yet to be formally announced, the fact that we're hearing about the S11 Plus already could mean radically different camera systems are planned, in a similar model to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. We don't know if the standard Samsung Galaxy S11 will arrive with premium features such as the long-rumoured 108MP sensor, 8K recording and 5G support. Without those features, can it hope to beat its rivals like Huawei with the upcoming P40?

Time will tell which premium features will be deliberately kept back from the base S11 in favour of the more expensive model. We're expecting the launch date to be February 18, 2020, so we'll be seeing much more leaked information at the beginning of next year as Samsung prepares to unveil its latest flagship to the world.

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