Latest Samsung Galaxy S11 leak hints at amazing Huawei P40 Pro beating 8K camera

Samsung's next flagship will shoot in perfect ultra-high definition

Samsung Galaxy S11
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The Samsung Galaxy S11, while still officially unconfirmed. is hotly tipped to be unveiled by Samsung in "early 2020". As we've gotten closer to that vague launch date, more and more tidbits of info have leaked, giving us a fairly accurate guess at what Samsung's next flagship might look like. The latest leak concerns the camera, as a recent update to Samsung's software suggests new information about the company's next camera setup. 

According to news outlet XDA Developers, Samsung's most recent update to its Camera app contains code to be used in new features arriving on the existing app, such as Director's View and Night Hyperlapse. However, while dissecting the code (as seen below), they also spotted evidence Samsung will be bringing 8K recording to a future handset, which can tell us a lot about the sort of cameras needed to make this happen. 

XDA dev code

(Image credit: XDA Developers)

As the Samsung Galaxy S10's current sensor can only capture 12 megapixels, the phone will be unable to record in 8K with the current-gen camera setup. It will need something along the lines of... oh, let's say the 108MP camera sensor Samsung recently developed with Xiaomi. Recently seen in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, the 108MP camera relies on several lenses (it's got a penta-camera setup) to squeeze as much detail as possible into the image. While you can't record video on the 108MP sensor on the Xiaomi, we have no doubt Samsung will be able to crack that for the launch of the Galaxy S11. 

A phone packing this much detail into the camera, combined with crisp, crystal-clear recording, will be one in the eye for competitors like the iPhone 11 Pro, which we rated the best camera setup you could find on a phone in our review. 

What else will the Samsung Galaxy S11 include? Bezel-less screen? Five-time optical zoom? 3D facial recognition? We'll know more for sure as we inch closer to that vague 2020 reveal date. 

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