Samsung Galaxy S11 is not going to be Samsung’s next phone – new handset leaks

Samsung’s latest offering is a souped-up version of one of its star smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Although Samsung Galaxy S11 is set to come out early next year, it’s far from the only smartphone Samsung’s working on, according to recent leaks. Although a new clamshell-folding phone is rumoured to be launched in China to compete with the Motorola Razr 2019, a new international release could be upon us sooner than we thought. 

Top info-breakers Slashleaks have published some details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, discovered via Brazilian certification authority ANATEL. This budget version of the Galaxy phone is said to have an impressive 4,370 mAh battery, much bigger than any of Samsung’s current handsets. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S10 packs a 3,400mAh battery while the S10+ has 4,300 mAh, which was previously Samsung’s biggest battery capacity. 

Leaks previously broken by Forbes earlier this year reveal it’s likely to come with the Galaxy S10’s top-end Snapdragon 855 chipset, making the S10 Lite a veritable pocket rocket, and 8GB of Ram. Unless you’re dead set on buying the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the option of upgrading to 12GB of RAM, this looks set to be the Samsung phone to buy until the S11 hits shelves next year. 

More leaks, this time from SamMobile, report a handset with two rear camera lenses and two front-facing pinhole selfie cams. It’s possible the rear camera system has been downgraded as a way to shave money off the handset, earning its ‘Lite’ suffix. 

With no further specifications to draw from, the question is what else Samsung has cut in order to lower the price, and how much. We’re not expecting 5G support or other features found only at the very top end of Samsung’s range.

Regardless, we’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite sooner rather than later, as there’s little point in releasing an S10 handset on the eve of announcing the S11. Perhaps we should expect the announcement in the coming days or weeks - just in time for Christmas and the Black Friday Deals.

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