Here's the Samsung Galaxy Fold Motorola Razr killer up close and personal

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a clamshell according to leaked real-world images: but can it beat the Motorola Razr?

Samsung Galaxy Fold clamshell
(Image credit: Weibo)

In 2019, Samsung released the world's first folding smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. While the technology is expensive and results were mixed, it didn't stop Motorola releasing a direct competitor, the revamped Motorola Razr, in a flip-phone style "clamshell" folding format. 

The 2019 Motorola Razr generated loads of buzz despite its frankly mid-range specs, prompting Samsung to take the next leap forward and design its follow-up, which has been kept tightly under wraps. Until now.

Leakster-in-chief Iceuniverse, who has an excellent track record breaking news regarding Samsung devices, has unveiled via twitter an image taken from Chinese social media site Weibo. Ice claims this is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, or Fold sequel, and low and behold, it's a clamshell design, just like the Motorola Razr. Check it out below:

With side-on buttons, dual front cameras and what looks like a basic display showcasing the time and battery life while closed, the phone is square and wallet-shaped rather than the narrow Razr, and it doesn't have that thick retro bezel at the bottom. It's rather more in line with the first Galaxy Fold than its rival.  

It's also very close to the Samsung Galaxy clamshell design that was circulated internally, including the single punch-hole selfie cam. Check out the video below:

The phone seems to be running on the latest version of Samsung's One UI 2.0, based on Android 10. The side buttons will presumably be needed to control the front camera while the phone is closed, while when unfolded, the phone looks like any other Samsung offering from the front, despite the central hinge.

After this dramatic leak hits the net, surely Samsung will want to capitalise on the buzz and officially reveal the phone as soon as its ready? We can't wait to see the full internal specs of the phone, which will tell us if its a mid-range Motorola Razr challenger or another high-priced phone with flagship-level specs. Hurry up, Samsung!

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