Etymotic MC2 headphones launched for Android

Noise-cancelling headphones with Android controls ahoy...

Etymotic mc2 headphones promise full control for BlackBerry, Android, Windows and HP webOS users

Etymotic Research has launched a range of headphones targeted at Android phone users.

The new mc2 universal noise-isolating headset + earphones will work with any smartphone or tablet, including BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile devices, according to the company.

The mc2 is priced at £75 and can be customised through the company's custom fit program for personalised earmolds – for an extra fee of £70.

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Etymotic mc2 universal noise-isolating headset + earphones spec:

Price: £75
Platforms: Android, BlackBerry, Windows, HP WebOS
Frequency Response: 20 Hz-15 kHz
Transducers: 8 mm dual-magnet moving coil driver
Noise Isolation: 35-42 dB
Cable: 4 ft.