EA and Gaikai sign cloud-based gaming deal

Publisher's top franchises will play in browsers

Cloud-based gaming company Gaikai have signed a deal with Electronic Arts to offer popular EA franchises including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Sims and Need for Speed that will be playable in the gamer's web browser, boosting audience reach and slashing the costs of gaming.

Cloud-based gaming services like Gaikai and OnLive run games remotely on their own computers and send the audio and video output via broadband to the user's PC. At the same time, the player's actions are sent in the opposite direction back to Gaikai or OnLive, giving the player control as if they were playing on a regular desktop. The end result should be the same experience as playing the game off a disc, but played instead in a browser window.


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If it takes off, Gaikai will be offering true EA gaming on demand, and because all the technical grunt of playing the game is being borne by Gaikai's computers, the only tech specs users need to worry about are a fast internet connection and adequate display capabilities, meaning users will be able to play hi-spec games on relatively doddery machines or on their TVs, without shelling out for expensive hardware.

Gaikai is still in its Beta testing phase at the moment, but expect a release sometime next year, with EA's catalogue of games as launch titles.

Link: Gaikai.com