Destiny beta set to kick off at 6pm today

PlayStation owners up first; beta will include four multiplayer maps

The much anticipated Destiny Beta is set to kick off later today… well, at least for PlayStation owners.

PS4 and PS3 owners will get access to Destiny's first beta later today (around 6pm BST). Xbox owners will have to wait until next week.

According to various leaks, the beta will include four separate chapters. It will also include four competitive multiplayer maps and a “huge world to explore with your own unique Guardian.”

Details of the beta were first posted on Reddit. The details came from a letter reportedly sent to store managers at Australian retailers Gamestop and EB.

Neither Activision, nor Bungie have confirmed any of the claims. However, with the beta starting in seven hours at the time of writing, we don't think you'll have long to wait to find out.

The beta will run until July 27th. It will also be down for scheduled maintenance on July 21st and 22nd (thankfully, it's not the weekend).

Source: Reddit