Cybex E-Priam: take the pain out of pushing with this electric baby stroller

The new e-Priam is the first battery-assisted stroller from car seat and baby carrier maker Cybex

Cybex e-Priam
(Image credit: Cybex)

Luxury car seat and baby carrier maker Cybex has revealed its first electric stroller, called the e-Priam.

Designed to make pushing your child easier, the e-Priam has sensors on its handlebars to monitor how much you are pushing or pulling. A computer algorithm then fires up the electric motors to help move the stroller in the desired direction.

The range is claimed to be between eight and 45km (five and 28 miles), depending on how it is used and how much assistance from the motor is required. The battery is housed in the rear axle and delivers power to a motor on each of the back wheels.

When the stroller detects you are pushing up a hill, the motors increase their power output, taking the load off and making it easier for you. Cybex says the power is applied in a way that makes it feel like the stroller is being pushed on a level surface.

The stroller also works to help you when walking downhill, too. When a decline is detected the motors work against gravity, preventing the stroller from gaining speed.

Finally, the stroller’s motors can also work to take the effort out of bumpy ground. That way, when you are pushing your child over cobblestone, sand, muddy fields, snow or gravel, the Cybex e-Prain helps out with electrical assistance at the press of a button.

Being equipped with Cybex’s four-in-one travel system, the e-Priam frame can be used with the company’s Lux Carry Cot, an infant car seat or a LITE Cot. To give that personal touch, the e-Priam is available with a range of colour options for the frame and seat.

We've used the Cybex E-Priam and were very impressed – it really can make you feel like a superhero when walking uphill, overtaking everyone else struggling with heavy, regular pushchairs. It's like the SUV of the pushchair-world.

The e-Priam is available to buy now and is priced from £1,199.90, check out the best Cybex e-Priam deals below:

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