BlackBerry's 2014 product roadmap leaked

The top secret chart shows off BB's future wares

The Canadian firm's secret plans for global mobile domination have been blown wide open thanks to some enterprising leakers...

BlackBerry's not likely to be too chuffed after an NDA-covered product roadmap for its second half of 2014 business plan has been leaked for all to see.

The roadmap, coming courtesy of N4BB, reveals the future of BlackBerry devices, including brand new smartphones and the expected binning of older models.

First up is the square-faced Passport phone, codename Windermere, which is tipped by the chart to be releasing towards the end of Q3 this year.

The Passport/Windermere phone is tagged up as 'innovation', and seems to be signalling an update to BlackBerry 10.3.1.

A second new blower dubbed 'Khan' seems to be the Porsche-designed handset revealer earlier this month, and is slated for a similar release date.

The Khan handset is tagged as 'prestige', which implies that it could perhaps be a more premium handset that might be set to compete with either high-end brands like Apple and Samsung, or perhaps face off against luxury names like Vertu.

In more grim news, it seems a bunch of devices are getting the chop in the wake of newer handsets, including the Z30 and Q10.

Via Cnet

Source N4BB