MWC 2024 live: all the news and phone reveals that matter

Mobile World Congress is underway with reveals from Xiaomi, Honor, Qualcomm, Lenovo and more major brands

Every year there's a major event called Mobile World Congress (or MWC for short), and this year's is now underway. It taking place in Barcelona, with many mobile brands showing off their latest wares, all in the hope of capturing media attention and netting a spot among the best phones. But, there's much more besides: concepts, laptops and more are revealed, too.

The T3 team is at the convention in force to gather all the relevant news, announcements and product reveals from the show floor and various conferences – including the surrounding areas, as many non-participants of the GSM Association's event also utilise the city of Barcelona to set out their stalls – to bring you the latest and greatest products coming in the future. 

MWC 2024 kicked off with big reveals from Xiaomi, Honor, Lenovo, Qualcomm and more. Other major brands such as Samsung are also on the show floor to flaunt the latest mobile devices. In addition to the biggest reveals, we'll be bringing you live news as and when it happens – so stay tuned. 

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Samsung at MWC

Gone are the days when Samsung utilised MWC as its launch base for its latest S series of flagship phones. That's already happened for 2024: and T3 has reviewed the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra handsets. However, Samsung will be holding a 'Samsung Mobile Business Summit 2024' on Monday 26 February at 14:00 UK time (15:00 EU, 09:00 ET, 06:00 PT, 01:00(+1) AEST), and the Samsung Galaxy Ring is at the show.  

Google at MWC

Google doesn't attend MWC and the 2024 show is no different. However, with rumours floating around of a forthcoming Pixel 8a handset, there's a question mark as to whether Google will make any noise about that as-yet-rumoured device.

Apple at MWC

Apple also doesn't participate in MWC – the iPhone launch schedule is well out of sync, anticipated for early/mid-September 2024 – and the Cupertino-based company is not likely to utilise MWC's timing to drop a wider Vision Pro release schedule. 

Nothing at MWC

We know that a Nothing Phone (2a) is definitely on the way. It was hinted at from an MWC invite late last year, but since then the design and launch date has been confirmed for... March! However, Nothing loves to tease its upcoming products, so let's anticipate a drip feed of Phone (2a) hints. 

Xiaomi at MWC

Xiaomi is a little peculiar in its launch cycles: the Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro were already announced... for China. However, MWC has been used as the base to show off these phones to a wider market, plus the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which comes with some insane specs

Honor at MWC

Honor had a major conference on the Sundayjust prior to MWC's show doors opening. It revealed the Honor Magic 6 Pro, complete with eye-tracking, and the new Porsche Design version of the Honor Magic 6 RSR

OnePlus at MWC

It's been fairly traditional for OnePlus to utilise MWC to showcase concept phones – sometimes purely for fun, other times as preludes to real releases. This year it's unlikely to be handset focused, however, as despite the superb OnePlus Open winning the foldable phones race, there's rumour that OnePlus will exit the foldables market (along with Vivo)

With that side unsure, it moves to the OnePlus Watch 2 to be the star of the show instead, as that's now confirmed to make its debut at MWC. The wearable has been long rumoured and is said to be "a whole new direction" ccompared to the original OnePlus Watch from 2021.

Motorola at MWC

Motorola didn't reveal a new handset at MWC – its owner, Lenovo, did show off a cool transparent laptop concept though – but has updated its Ready For mobile-to-laptop extension software to be broader, including a renaming to Motorola Smart Connect. 

Tecno at MWC

If you don't know about Tecno then pay attention: this recent mobile brand caught T3's attention in 2023 for its reveal of the Phantom V Flip. And for MWC 2024 we know that the brand will be at the show, likely to launch next-gen foldable products and concepts. We'll certainly be paying attention!

The latest news from MWC 2024

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Honor to livestream MWC press event

A photo of the Honor Magic V2

(Image credit: Basil Kronfli)

Honor has announced that it will launch new products during Mobile World Congress, with a dedicated event to take place at 13:30 CET (local time to Barcelona) on Monday 25 February.

You should be able to watch it live on T3. Alternatively, it will be streamed live on Honor's YouTube channel too, as well as on X.

OnePlus Watch 2 could be the best smartwatch at the show

OnePlus Watch 2 image

(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus will launch its second-generation smartwatch on the Tuesday of the show (26 February) but hasn't been shy with some details already.

The OnePlus Watch 2 will feature "military-grade durability" for starters, and the manufacturer has confirmed that the battery life should last up to 100-hours between charges.

Don't expect the Nothing Phone (2a)

Nothing Phone (2a) real leaked images

(Image credit: Greg2024 / Nothing Community)

Although there will be a stack of exciting phone launches during MWC 2024 you'll have to wait a bit longer for one of the most talked about new handsets.

The Nothing Phone (2a) will launch after the show is done and dusted, on Tuesday 5 March instead. However, you can see the phone already, as we've corroborated the recently released renders with our own sources – just check them out above. 

Keep your eye out for a new foldable phone

Tecno Phantom V Fold

(Image credit: Tecno)

Although we're not expecting many new foldables, it is reported that Tecno plans to follow up its Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 rival with a launch during MWC.

The Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 is said to run on the same MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ as its predecessor, with 12GB of RAM, but it's worth remembering that Tecno's devices are much more affordable than many peers. Watch this space.

We're here


(Image credit: Future)

The T3 team are now here in Barcelona ready for MWC and we're expecting the first big announcements in just a few hours. Today there are keynote speeches from Xiaomi, Honor and OnePlus with a host of new devices expected. Stay tuned – we'll bring you the news right here. 

Waiting for Honor...

Honor Magic 6 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

I'm here at the Honor event, ready for the announcement of the Honor Magic 6 Series, Magic V2 Series and MagicBook Pro 16. The event starts shortly...

Iconic Nokia on its way


(Image credit: Future)

HMD, owner of Nokia phones, has announced that it plans to "bring back an iconic phone this summer. This is as well as a Barbie branded flip phone that it has planned. So which will it be? My favourite ever Nokia was the 8800, a compact stainless steel bodied phone with a sliding cover. Or maybe it's the 7110, which no only featured inthe Matrix films, but offered the company's first WAP browser. 

Xiaomi the money

The Xiaomi 14 launch event

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

T3 resident Staff Writer, Sam Cross, here reporting live from the Xiaomi launch event in Barcelona. We've expecting news about phones, some IoT devices and possibly even some EV news. Stay tuned for more details.

Android phones to get connectivity advance

Qualcomm Snapdragon X80 modem

(Image credit: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm used MWC to reveal its latest and greatest modem, the X80, which might not sound like a super-exciting reveal – but it's actually really important for future Android phones. 

Why? Because the new chip adds artificial intelligence for better 5G performance, plus non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) using Snapdragon Satellite for potential future services, such as SOS, being made possible. 

We're here [part 2]

Sam and Mat at MWC 2024

(Image credit: Future)

Hi, news editor Rik taking over and we'll be bringing you hands-ons and more mobile news today as the show kicks off in full.

We have several T3ers out at the show, including Sam Cross and Mat Gallagher (as you can see above) so will give you our impressions on the coolest products we see throughout the next few days.

TCL's latest smartphones are super affordable

TCL 50 5G

(Image credit: TCL)

As well as the European availability of several of its NXTPAPER products, TCL has announced several budget smartphones that are coming in April.

The TCL 50SE, 50 5G, 501 and 505 phones start at just £59.99 and will max out at £149.99 when they arrive in the UK in a couple of months. Wowsers.

Samsung Galaxy Ring unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Ring prototype

(Image credit: Mat Gallagher / Future)

Although we're expecting a full launch at the end of the summer, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, Samsung has displayed its prototype smart ring in public for the first time.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is on its show stand and we'll be bringing you our own thoughts on it in the near future.

Off the cuff with Motorola

Motorola Adaptive Display

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola has taken the idea of the bendable phone to the next level with a concept device you can wrap around your wrist.

The Motorola Adaptive Display has a flexible material backing and can be bent backwards to form a C-shape. That doesn't just mean you can wear it, but you could stand it on one end, for example, to form a bedside clock.

It's crazy stuff but the sort of interesting idea that makes a show like MWC that much more fun.

C'mon Barbie let's go party!

Barbie x HMD

(Image credit: HMD / Mattel)

HMD didn't actually show any phones during its dedicated press event on the eve of MWC. It instead announced product lines that are to come in the next few months, including a device it is working on in collaboration with the toy manufacturer Mattel.

The Barbie flip phone will be a retro-style device launching this summer. We don't have an awful lot of detail at present, but it is likely that it'll feature a physical keypad rather than foldable display. Oh, and it'll be pink, of course.

OnePlus Watch 2 looks the real deal this time

The OnePlus Watch 2 on multiple wrists

(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus has turned to Wear OS for its second-generation smartwatch and the device seems all the better for it.

The OnePlus Watch 2 is also pleasantly chunky and boasts up to 100-hours of battery life, so could be a real contender when it comes to the best smartwatches of 2024.

We see right through you Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Another out-there product to be shown at this year's MWC is the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop (which we're calling just Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent for the sake of our typing fingers).

I comes with a "world's first" 17.3-inch Micro LED see-through screen which looks pretty great in our opinion – very Minority Report. It also uses a touchscreen keyboard, just to make the whole shebang even more sci-fi.

Mystery Nokia phone reissue planned, what could it be?

Nokia phones

(Image credit: Eirik Solheim / Unsplash)

Along with the Barbie flip phone we've already talked about, HMD announced that it will be reissuing a new version of yet another classic Nokia phone. It stopped short of saying which one though.

We've given it some thought and hope that it's a new version of the Nokia 7110 – a handset that came with a hidden keyboard. Let's just hope it's not the N-Gage though, we're not sure anybody was even ready for it back then let alone now.

Google's Wear OS finally gets a much-requested feature

Google Pixel Watch 2 review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Google doesn't usually attend Mobile World Congress, but it has timed a couple of releases to coincide with the show this year. The main one is that it is finally adding a long-awaited feature to Wear OS smartwatches that will no doubt please those who travel or attend gigs.

Basically, Google Wallet for Wear OS will soon include the likes of boarding passes, loyalty cards and tickets to events, so you won't have to fish out your phone when you want to use or show one. Hurrah!

The Honor Magic 6 Pro is eye-opening

Honor Magic 6 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The Honor Magic 6 Pro was launched during a dedicated event yesterday and we've been trying out one or two of its features since.

The main one is the handset's unique eye-tracking capabilities which saw us control a car using just our peepers. Not only could we start the ignition just by looking at an app on the phone, we could move the vehicle as if by magic... aptly named, then.

A Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra beater?

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra on show at MWC Barcelona 2024

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Another to hold an event prior to the show starting for real is Xiaomi. The Chinese firm launched the European versions of the Xiaomi 14 range, which includes the Xiaomi 14 Ultra – one of the most capable flagship smartphones we've seen.

The Leica partnership has certainly paid off for the rear camera, it seems, with a trio of 50-megapixel sensors (telephoto, periscope and ultra-wide) accompanied by a 1-inch Sony LYT-900 sensor for the main cam. It makes for a very interesting proposition and genuine rival to Samsung's current flagship.

So that's myself, news ed Rik, over and out. We'll be back tomorrow with more news from MWC 2024.

Please join us then as we delve into the latest on the additional products at the show, including cars and smartwatches, as well as the usual phones. Bye for now.

Finally, some AR glasses we'd actually wear

The Oppo Air Glass 3

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Morning... we're back at MWC 2024 on a fine Tuesday and it's news editor Rik here again to bring you today's latest stories.

First up, we've had an exclusive play with the Oppo Air Glass 3 AR spectacles and have to say we're very impressed. T3 news Writer Sam Cross even states that he'd consider buying them, as they are extremely light and look like a normal pair of glasses.

You can find out more right here.

Wow, a phone that can last two months on a single charge

Energizer P28K

(Image credit: Energizer)

Energizer is well known for battery technology and the latest phone from the brand certainly puts that at the forefront.

The Energizer Hard Case P28K is so-called because it comes with a massive 28,000mAh battery inside, which can last for up to 94 days on standby before needing to be recharged. It can even give you 122 hours of talktime.

The phone is primarily designed for those who work in extreme circumstances, not least because it weighs half a kilo, but does come with some decent specs.

Nothing left to the imagination

Nothing Phone (2a) AR in London

(Image credit: Nothing)

Although Nothing's press conference isn't until next week, the company clearly doesn't want its rivals to get all the glory during MWC. That's perhaps why it created an AR stunt in London to officially "unveil" the Nothing Phone (2a).

The "unboxing" took place yesterday with Nothing posting video on its own X (formerly Twitter) channel.

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Google announces host of new Android features

Android Auto text AI

(Image credit: Google)

Google has announced several new features coming to Android to coincide with Mobile World Congress.

They include AI assistance for Android Auto, which will summarise long texts or group chats and read them out while you are driving. There's also some cunning new AR features in Lens that can tell you information on landmarks as you point your camera at them.