Samsung Galaxy Ring fully unveiled at MWC 2024

Samsung's first smart ring appears at Mobile World Congress

Samsung Galaxy Ring
(Image credit: Samsung)
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Samsung has detailed more on its upcoming smart ring during MWC in Barcelona.

We now know it'll come in sizes 5 - 13, weigh from just 2.3g, and contain multiple sensors, mainly for sleep tracking.

While it is largely dedicating its Mobile World Congress presence to Galaxy AI, Samsung has also revealed much more on its forthcoming smart ring during the show.

Not only do we have new pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, but the company's head of its digital health care team, Dr. Hon Pak, has written a blog on several of its features.

He reaffirms something we've already learned, that it will be comfortable enough to wear "24/7", but also that it will be integral to Samsung's broader vision for a "more connected, integrated and seamless digital wellness platform". 

Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Samsung)

In addition, Samsung and Pak showed the new smart ring to a select few during a pre-MWC briefing.

TechRadar, for example, saw a prototype which (for the smallest size) weighs just 2.3g. It claimed that it was "almost too light" – but at least that matches Pak's comment that it will be comfortable to wear through the night.

Colours shown were ceramic black, platinum silver, and gold colours, although they are subject to change.

Other details gleaned from the session include overall sizing – there will be ring sizes from 5 to 13, which will be described in tech terms, small (S) to XL (extra large).

The battery will differ depending on the size because of the capacity. Batteries will range, therefore, from 14.5mAh to 21.5mAh. There is currently no indication on battery life though, although we'd hope it'll last a week considering you're expected to wear it all day and night.

There will be multiple sensors on the Ring, including some not available on a smartphone. Heart rate, respiratory rate, night movement and sleep latency will each be measured to asses overall sleep patterns.

Many of the features can be found on rival devices too, of course, such as the Oura Ring Gen 3.

We'll have to find out for ourselves when the Samsung Galaxy Ring gets closer to a full launch. We expect it to be part of a summer Unpacked event alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 foldable phones.

For more on Mobile World Congress 2024, including news as it happens, head to our live blog which will be regularly updated throughout the show.

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