This smartphone can last two months between battery charges

There's a hardcore phone for the explorers among us

Energizer P28K
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Avenir Telecom is renowned for its rugged, long-lasting devices and the Energizer Hard Case P28K is certainly that – it has a battery inside that can last up to 94 days.

It's a decent budget phone too, with a big display and enough oomph to get the job done.

If you occasionally make phones under the name of a battery brand like Energizer, your focus surely has to be on battery life.

Avenir Telecom has confirmed that idea handily by showing off a new Energizer-branded phone at MWC 2024, with a seriously astounding claimed battery life. 

The new Energizer Hard Case P28K runs on an astonishing 28,000mAh battery – the sort of figure that normally accompanies a simple external battery pack. This gives it an estimated battery life of 2,252 hours on standby, which is just a shade under 94 days.

Even if you're using it more actively than that, the estimated talk time is still 122 hours, so just over five days. Either way then, this is a phone that should be perfect for those who want it to last the distance. 

Interestingly, the phone that Avenir Telecom has strapped to that enormous battery is a pretty modest one, as its €250 price suggests.

It sports a fairly basic Mediatek MT6789 chipset is at its heart, with 8GB of RAM, and carries a 6.78-inch IPS FHD display along with 256GB of actual storage. There are some cameras, too, with a 64MP primary camera, and a 20MP ultra-wide-angle lens along with a 16MP selfie shooter. 

The phone is also very clearly rugged in build, with a plastic shell that has cushioning to suggest it's aimed at those working in somewhat tougher conditions. That's underlined by an IP69 water and dust resistance rating that confirms it'll survive many situations. 

The battery's main cost is really on the design front, since this is a very chunky phone to accommodate that capacity. It's 27.8mm thick and apparently weighs 570g, both of which are substantially more than you'll be used to if you're a normal phone user. 

Still, with 33W charging you can power it up completely from dead in around 90 minutes, so if you pair this huge battery with an external power pack, you're really talking about weeks and weeks without needing a power socket. 

The phone has a release date slated for October this year, so it'll take a while before anyone can put its battery life to a real-life test. 

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