OnePlus Watch 2 revealed in more depth, has "military-grade" durability

OnePlus' second smartwatch is looking pretty rugged

OnePlus Watch 2 image
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OnePlus continues to reveal more on its second-gen smartwatch, with new pictures and boasts about its durability.

The OnePlus Watch 2 will launch in full on 26 February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

OnePlus' campaign to unveil the OnePlus Watch 2 has continued with another partial reveal, further showing off the watch's design and hyping up some aspects.

The full unveiling now has a time and date – it'll happen on 26 February at 3PM GMT, right in the middle of the first day of MWC 2024, so we should know all the gory details at that point. 

OnePlus' website now shows a quick teaser image of the watch in two colours, a dark grey / black, and a light blue. It's looking really classy – a possible best smartwatch contender – although it's a little hard to see how thin it'll be in reality. 

It also shouts out a few of the watch's strengths, which will clearly be detailed during the unveiling. For one, it claims "military-grade durability", and another is "market-leading battery life", which has previously been pinned at 100-hours on a single charge. 

This doesn't necessarily tell us much, but it handily happens to have come hot on the heels of the watch being listed by the FCC, as spotted by 91mobiles.

This listing isn't hugely detailed, but it does include the fact that the watch will have a 500mAh battery, although efficiency is hugely important in determining a wearable's true battery life. Still, that's substantially bigger than a standard Apple Watch Series 9's battery, which bodes well for longevity. 

Other than that, the listing also tells us that the watch will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connections, but it doesn't have any information about LTE – so it looks like this will probably be a tethered-only watch where internet connectivity is concerned. 

That may disappoint some, but it's likely to mean that you can buy it and run it for less money, so there are upsides too. 

OnePlus is projecting confidence about the watch, too. Its COO and president Kinder Liu recently said, "Watch 2 indicates our determination to transform from 'Flagship Killer' to 'Ecosystem builder'. It will provide you with an experience that's not just improved, but transformed."

So, tune in during MWC to see what more OnePlus has up its sleeve, and indeed to find out all-important details like how much the Watch 2 will actually cost, and when it'll be available. 

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