HMD x Barbie collab could result in the (very pink) flip phone of your dreams

A retro Barbie flip phone is coming this summer

Barbie x HMD
(Image credit: HMD / Mattel)
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HMD used its MWC press conference to announce several upcoming concepts, including a tie-in with toy brand Mattel for a full-size Barbie flip phone.

Retro in style, it'll be available this coming summer.

HMD's quest to become a more recognisable brand continues, as it's used its MWC press conference to talk a little bit more about its plans for the next year.

Perhaps the most intriguing news is that it is teaming up with Mattel to release a Barbie flip phone this summer, and given the images released so far we can only assume it'll be hot pink. 

Sadly, it doesn't seem that the manufacturer is working on a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 or another of the best foldable phones, though. Rather, the Barbie phone will be a retro option.

HMD says this will help it to "enable some quiet amidst digital noise and interruptions" and let people create their own sort of "much-needed digital detox".

There isn't a huge amount more about the phone in HMD's update post, but there are some fairly easy conclusions to be drawn.

Barbie x HMD

(Image credit: HMD / Mattel)

Based on the images of Barbie dolls with a toy mobile phone we've been given, we assume the full version will be a traditional device with a physical number pad underneath a modest display. So, if you've been waiting to get your old-school texting skills polished up again, this could be your chance.

Without pricing or any specs-related details, there's not a lot more to say at the minute. Although, we'll undoubtedly learn more as the summer release date nears.

Other plans for the Nokia phone manufacturer

HMD also took the chance to talk up its ambitions on e-waste and home repairability, which it's apparently identified as a massive gap in the market (or at least an option that few phone makers offer). 

It's very much true that phones rarely even let you replace their battery yourself these days, so it's great to see a commitment on this front, as confirmed by  James Robinson, HMD VP Europe, Americas and Enterprise: "As more and more people seek out easy to repair devices so they can keep their phone longer – and save hassle or delays when fixes are needed – we’re excited to make that process as easy as possible, starting this summer."

Finally, HMD has also released a developer toolkit to create software that can almost customise certain of its forthcoming phones for particular uses, something that it says could be ideal for professionals with niche uses, so there's plenty clearly in the pipeline.

All of this is in addition to actual new phones that it has in the works, so 2024 is looking like it'll continue to be a busy year on the HMD side of things.

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