These are the 3 IKEA smart home products I'll be buying in March

The start of a new month only means one thing

STYRBAR remote control
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If you haven't come across my monthly IKEA smart home picks before, you won't be aware of how obsessed I actually am. IKEA has recently ramped up its venture into the world of smart home tech, especially with its release of three new smart sensors and first ever LED light strip

I'm currently in the process of constructing my IKEA smart home setup, and I've been building it up by purchasing three new products each month. Well, the start of a new month means only one thing, and you'll find March's picks below. Ranging from smart lighting to remote control devices, there's an impressive range here that would make nice additions to anyone's home. 

Although, make sure you take a look at my November, December and February selections if you're looking to get started too. 

1. YTBERGLED cabinet lighting

YTBERG LED cabinet lighting

(Image credit: IKEA)

These YTBERGLED cabinet lights are designed to fit over any cabinet or wardrobe, perfect for adding ambient lighting to a walk-in wardrobe or kitchen. They can also be angled in whichever direction suits you, making life a whole lot easier if you like switching up your room layout. 

Each light costs £9 and is available in black or white. They are dimmable, and easily controlled via the IKEA Home app. I love that there's a choice in colour, and I think I'll be going for the black so they match my countertops. 

Get the YTBERGLED cabinet light for £9 at IKEA 

2. STYRBAR remote control 

STYRBAR remote control

(Image credit: IKEA)

The STYRBAR remote control allows users to control multiple light sources with just the click of a button. It's a great alternative if you like controlling your smart home away from your phone, and you have up to 10 IKEA smart bulbs in your set up. It also comes in white or silver, so it can blend it easily to your home's aesthetic. 

It lets you adjust the atmosphere by dimming, switching on and off, and changing your lights from warm to cold light. However, it doesn't come with any batteries, so you will need to have two AAAs to hand or purchase a couple of the IKEA LADDA AAA rechargeable batteries instead. 

Get the STYRBAR remote control for £12 at IKEA 


IKEA Dirigera smart home hub

(Image credit: IKEA)

You're probably wondering why I haven't included the DIRIGERA Hub in my monthly picks before, and that's because I've already got one. However, after recently constructing a guide on how to start a smart home with a DIRIGERA Hub, I thought it would make a nice addition for those looking to get started.  

The DIRIGERA Hub is the heart of the IKEA smart home setup, and just like an Apple Home or Google Assistant, it enables users to connect and control their smart products via the IKEA Home Smart app. Most of the IKEA smart home products require the DIRIGERA to operate, so it's important to have one if you want to start an IKEA smart home ecosystem. 

It should be noted that IKEA regularly update the DIRIGERA hub, adding new and improved features for an even more convenient way to use your smart home. 

Get the DIRIGERA Smart Hub for £60 at IKEA 

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