These are the 3 IKEA smart home products I'll be buying in November

From speakers to motion sensors, IKEA have really got it all...

SYMFONISK Speaker Lamp
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When I think of IKEA, flat pack furniture and an abundance of cheap candles are usually the first things that pop into my mind. Well, and the delicious meatballs that I absolutely and certainly do not have every time I visit. Smart home products are usually the last thing I consider...until recently. 

After IKEA recently upgraded their app and smart home app, I was unaware of all the smart home products IKEA manufactured. I knew that they had a couple of smart bulbs (some of which feature in our best smart bulb guide), but I didn't know that their range covered everything from air purifiers to motion sensors. It really blew my mind. 

I'm currently in the process of building up my smart home, and I can confirm that I've well and truly had my eyes opened up to the IKEA products. I therefore wanted to share with you my top picks, and the smart home devices I'll be purchasing this month. 

Before you find out, make sure you check out our guides to starting a smart home under a certain price point. So far, we've covered how to build a smart home under £50under £100, under £200 and under £300. 



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If could could combine practical storage space, a quality speaker and wireless charging, you'd get the IKEA SYMFONISK Shelf. This smart shelf has everything you could possibly need for comfy everyday living, whether that's in the bedroom or living room. 

Available in black or white, it's perfect to mount to the wall as a bedside table in the bedroom, a side table in the living room or as a shelf to put things on in the hallway. It's also a great way to get those tunes blasting whilst charging (and storing) your phone at the same time - you can't really go wrong. 

The IKEA SYMFONISK Shelf is available on the IKEA website for £39.00, but is reduced to £33.15 if you're an IKEA family member.

2. SYMFONISK Speaker Lamp


(Image credit: IKEA)

Not only is it a stylish table lamp, but it's a large Sonos speaker that's priced under £200 - a rare feat if you know your speakers. Available in black or white, the SYMFONISK Speaker Lamp connects to WiFi so you can create the system you want in your smart home. Play a podcast in the bedroom while someone else listens to music in the living room, or group all your speakers to play music in sync. 

To control what it plays, users have to download the SONOS app alongside and follow step by step instructions. However, you can still control the lighting remotely via the IKEA DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app. With the IKEA Home smart app, you can dim lights, adjust blinds and speakers, control rooms, set and schedule scenes, connect to voice assistants and more.

You can even customise the lamp to your preference through IKEA's multiple shades. The lamp comes with a glass shade, but there are  string shades or a bamboo shade available to buy that you can swap it out for!

The IKEA x Sonos SYMFONISK lamp is available on the IKEA website for £199, and £169.15 if you're an IKEA family member. 

3. STARKVIND Air Purifier Table

STARKVIND Air Purifier Table

(Image credit: IKEA)

The STARKVIND Air Purifier Table is both a side table that looks great, and an air purifier that improves the indoor air quality. Just like the SYMFONISK Speaker Lamp, it can be controlled in the IKEA Home smart app, allowing users to adjust fan speed, check current air quality status, set timers and create scenes with other smart home products.

The air purifier can be set to auto mode, which means that it automatically detects the particles (PM2.5) in the air and then adjusts the fan speed, so you can think about other things whilst it does the job. It's also extremely quiet on the lower fan speeds, perfect for sleeping with. If connected to the IKEA Home smart app, users can also turn the LED light off on the unit when going to sleep.

The STARKVIND Air Purifier Table is available in two different colourways on the IKEA website for £214.00. 

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