These are the 3 IKEA smart home products I'll be buying in February

This month's picks are in, and they're going straight in my basket

VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor
(Image credit: IKEA)

Now that February has finally arrived, as well as the joys of pay day, my obsession with IKEA smart home products has been reinstated. If you weren't aware, IKEA is really ramping up its venture into the world of smart home tech, and has recently released a bunch of new products. 

Despite being such a huge fan of brands such as Philips Hue and Ring, I can confirm that the IKEA products are just as great. I'm therefore carrying on from my November and December picks, and sharing with you the IKEA smart home devices I'll be purchasing in the next few days. You may be wondering where my January IKEA product picks was a hard month, okay?

Before you find out, have you seen that IKEA has recently launched not one, not two, but three new smart sensors? Yes, I may have included one in this list. 

1. PARASOLL sensor 

PARASOLL Door and Window Sensor

(Image credit: IKEA)

As mentioned, IKEA launched three new smart sensors recently, and the PARASOLL Door and Window Sensor is probably my favourite out of the three. Designed for discreet mounting on windows and doors, it notifies users when these access points are opened or closed, making them aware of any unexpected entries. 

It can also be synced up with a smart bulb that turns on when you open a door, making it a perfect choice for a walk-in closet or cupboard. Oh, and it's ridiculously cheap too!

It should be noted that it doesn't come with any batteries, so you will need to have an AAA to hand or purchase the IKEA LADDA AAA rechargeable battery instead. A DIRIGERA hub is also needed. 

Get the PARASOLL Door and Window Sensor for £9 at IKEA 

2. TRADFRI shortcut button

TRADFRI Shortcut button

(Image credit: IKEA)

I've seen shortcut buttons around for a while now, but I had no clue IKEA had its own model. They're a great way to control your smart home without having to use your smartphone, perfect for lighting, speakers, blinds and air quality products.

This TRADFRI shortcut button lets you instantly turn on lights, raise blinds, and play a morning playlist to wake up your senses. It can also trigger scenes, such as scheduling lights to be turned on when you're away or for the air purifier to clean the air before bed. What's more, it's also ridiculously cheap, coming in at £13. 

Get the TRADFRI Shortcut Button for £13 at IKEA 

3. VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor

VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor

(Image credit: IKEA)

I was very easily influenced when I came across the VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor, especially as I'd recently been researching how important it is to purify the air in our homes. This easy-to-use air quality sensor gives you all the information you need, and it can also be integrated into your smart home setup for even more functions.

It checks the air quality by monitoring harmful particles, temperature, relative humidity and total Volatile Organic Compounds in your home. I'm not entirely sure what that means either, but I'm still loving the sound of being able to assess the air around me. It's a little pricer than IKEA's other smart home products at £35, but still not bad at all. 

Get the VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Sensor for £35 at IKEA 

On a different note, have you seen IKEA's new home gym collection?

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