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With spring just around the corner, many of us will soon want to start the new season with a clean and organised home. Spring cleaning often often involves organising our homes from top to bottom and scrubbing everything in sight, but there's still one thing that a lot of people leave off the list. 

Recently, more and more studies have shown that indoor air can actually be up to 5 times more polluted than outside. As the naked eye is unable to see this, toxins and bacteria can travel between rooms without being detected, allowing this pollution to take place. That's why it's important to stop this, and there's really only one way to do it...using an air purifier. 

The best air purifiers can do many things, from improving the air quality in your home to removing allergens, particles and pollution. To find out more, I spoke to Lars Dunberger, Technology Development Manager at Blueair, who shared his advice for keeping your home in tip top shape without the added nasties.

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Lars began by explaining what makes up indoor air pollution, and how important it is to keep it as uncontaminated as possible: 

"Indoor air pollution is made up of a combination of dust and particles or gases from everyday household products such as candles, paint and varnish to floors. With research showing plants to be ineffective in cleaning the air, and given that we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, an air purifier is a household necessity!"

He also went on to discuss the dangers of cleaning supplies, and whilst being conducive to a sparkling home, many products contain chemicals which can be harmful to our health with prolonged exposure. Chemicals from cleaning products have a significant impact on indoor air quality, hence why it’s important to use an air purifier to remove these harmful toxins from the air.

Finally, Lars shared the dangers of breathing in fine dust or PM2.5 (also known as fine particulate matter) and how it cause respiratory difficulties, heart and lung problems. 

"Particles in the air can also contribute to anything from colds and flu to determining how well you sleep. Investing in an air purifier means investing in your health. With spring quickly approaching, an air purifier can help you to spring clean the air in your home and ensure you are breathing in the cleanest air possible.”

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