How to start a smart home with an IKEA DIRIGERA Hub

If you're a big IKEA fan, here’s how to create your own smart home with a DIRIGERA Hub

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If you're new here, you won't be aware of my obsession with IKEA smart home products. Much to my delight, IKEA has really ramped up its venture into the world of smart home tech, especially with its release of three new smart sensors and first ever LED light strip

Like a lot of other smart home ecosystems, a hub is needed to control the smart products within it. Ranging from setting schedules to controlling devices remotely, these hubs can do a huge amount. We've therfore been constructing a ‘how to start a smart home’ series, specifically designed to help you get set up and ready to go. It's now IKEA's turn, so we're turning our attention to the DIRIGERA Hub. 

Below is a full guide to the DIRIGERA Hub, including what it is, what devices work with it and how to get your IKEA smart home setup started. 

What is a DIRIGERA Hub?

The DIRIGERA Hub is the heart of the IKEA smart home setup. Just like an Apple Home or Google Assistant, it enables users to connect and control their smart products via the IKEA Home Smart app. However, it can be only be connected to smart products specifically from IKEA. 

The DIRIGERA Hub is built with Matter technology, a connectivity standard used in smart homes and smart products. Whilst a lot of smart home products are Matter-compatible, there are still a number of smart home hubs that aren't, with only a few adopting it over the past year or so. Matter is developed to support many different product types, and allows users to buy the products you want knowing it will connect with what you already have at home.

It should be noted that IKEA regularly update the DIRIGERA hub, adding new and improved features for an even more convenient way to use your smart home. 

Which devices are compatible with the DIRIGERA Hub?

As mentioned, the DIRIGERA Hub can only connect to smart home products from IKEA. This means your smart home setup will have to be exclusively IKEA based if you want to control it via the hub, but there's luckily no limit on the amount of products you can connect. That's quite rare!

IKEA are known for their brilliant smart home products, and the huge retailer only seems to be expanding them more and more as time goes on. A lot of them seamlessly integrate with your aesthetic and decor, so it can sometimes be hard to tell if a product is smart or not. 

IKEA smart home

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How to set up a smart home with a DIRIGERA Hub


You need to begin by purchasing your DIRIGERA Hub from IKEA. It costs £60 and can be bought via IKEA's website or in stone. White is the only option available. 

Select your IKEA smart home products 

If you haven't already, you then need to select your desired IKEA smart home products. There's a huge amount available, ranging from smart sensors to smart bulbs, air purifiers to LED light strips. Take a look at my IKEA smart home picks if you need some inspiration. 

Download the IKEA Home Smart app

Once you've got your DIRIGERA Hub and selected smart home products, you need to download the IKEA Home Smart app. This is the key to controlling your smart home setup via your hone or tablet. It's free to download and available for iOS or Android devices. 

To connect your smart home products, follow the steps in the app so the DIRIGERA can find them. From the home screen, you can then create 'rooms' so that the app mirrors your home and can give you an overview of everything that's happening in your home. 

In the all products tab, you can see a total list of your smart products grouped by category. Here, you can move products from one 'room' to another, turn them on/off, and see if they need to be recharged or have the batteries replaced. 

In scenes, you can create and run scenes and schedule timers. In settings, you have quick access to How-Tos and support (if you need it!). 

Select how you'd like to control your smart home

The last step is selecting how you'd like to control your smart home. As mentioned, the Home Smart app provides users with full access and control of all smart home products, but the DIRIGERA Hub allows you to control your setup in different ways as well. 

The first way is via a remote device, such as a shortcut button or a remote control. You can opt for sensors that are triggered by motion, perfect for making the home environment feel safer. Finally, the DIRIGERA Hub also allows you to control smart home products with your voice. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri through integrations in the IKEA Home smart app.

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