Google Fit and the Healthkit: Who's in and who's out?

We check out who's following Google and Apple to the healthy promised land...

Polar just jumped on the health aggregation bandwagon. But who else is already on-board with Apple and Google and who's been thrown overboard?

Polar has made its Polar Beat app compatible with both Apple Healthkit and Google Fit, starting today. And if you can wait a week, Polar Flow will become Healthkit-enabled on iOS next week too...

This is joyous news for those who love to torture themselves towards a lower heart-rate, but also a chance for us to check out who's on board with Apple and Google's health revolution.

Whilst Android Wear devices from the likes of LG and Motorola are firmly in Google's camp, Apple's own Watch will naturally be Healthkit exclusive. But what about the rest? Let's break it down now, and see which side of the fence everyone is falling.


Nike+ Running has just been optimised for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This includes Healthkit compatibility, so Nike+ will automatically log your NikeFuel and workout data in Apple Health on the fly. It looks like Nike has abandoned it's own wearable devices in favour of Nike+ apps and closer partnership with Apple.

Update to the latest version of Nike+ Running on Android and you'll be prompted to link the app to your Google Fit account too, which lets you record similar data to the iOS version.


A few weeks ago, Fitbit foolishly suggested that its new devices still wouldn't support Apple Healthkit. So, Darth Apple stepped in with a firm force choke, and promptly flushed Fitbit from the Apple store.

And that's that by the look of things - Apple Stores no longer stock Fitbit products, and Fitbit are yet to announce a U-turn on Healthkit and are not currently compatible with Google Fit either.


Google Fit compatibility is yet to be announced, but Jawbone is already playing nice with Apple. Jawbone's UP app works with or without the UP wristband, though it'll collect more data if you're using one, natch. The UP app is a data hub of sorts in itself, but it happily shares all your movement, sleep and meal data with Healthkit.


Relatively new app that helps people fix their sleep issues, Sleepio imports your health data from Healthkit to give you better insights on why you can't switch off at night.


French wellness experts Withings are ahead of the game when it comes to health aggregation. The latest version of Withings Health Mate app syncs all its data straight to Healthkit, but almost all of Withings' devices are directly compatible with the Apple Health app as well.

Withings was also one of the first to partner with Google for Google Fit, so as you'd expect, there's some solid interplay here too with Withings devices and Withings Health Mate app for Android plugging nicely into Google's health umbrella.


Works nicely with Healthkit thanks to the latest update, which lets Endomondo users share distance and calorie data for running, walking and cycling.

We're still waiting to see if Endomondo will become Google Fit friendly - there's no news as of yet though. Sorry Android Army.


Another of Google Fit's launch partners, Runtastic automatically shares all your distance and calorie data to Google Fit. The same as it does for Apple Healthkit in fact, making Runtastic a nice option if you're looking for something that works on both platforms.