Best hoodies for men 2021: stylish and grown up hoodies

Fashionable (and cosy) hoodies that are perfect for grown-ups who want to dress down at the weekend

Best hoodies for men: stylish and grown up hoodies

If you thought hoodies were only for grumpy teenagers and petty thieves avoiding CCTV cameras, think again! The sweatshirt-with-benefits has grown up in recent years and the latest designs are so stylish that wearers will be seeking cameras out. 

From luxurious materials to cool streetwear options with slogans, we’ve rounded up the most fashionable (and cosy) hoodies that are perfect for grown-ups who want to dress down at the weekend.

1. Norse Projects Ketel fleece-back hoodie

The refined option

Reasons to buy
+Extra comfy brushed feel+100% cotton

Known for its understated colour palettes and refined takes on classic garments, Norse Projects has applied that formula faithfully to this sweater. Forest green is a classic tone for the hoodie, but look closely and you’ll see that this one is lightly flecked in white to give it some extra texture. 

Thick fabric helps the garment hold its shape, which helps smarten up the silhouette, while the soft brushed cotton lining, makes its upper comfortable and warm. The V-stitched collar is a nice nod to vintage athletic wear, and, like those classic designs of old, this sweatshirt is definitely more about quality, comfort and understated style rather than hitting trends.

2. Nike ACG fleece hoodie

The one for fashion-conscious mountaineers

Reasons to buy
+On trend design+Usefully warm 
Reasons to avoid
-Retro design not for everyone

Nike’s ACG line is short for All Conditions Gear and this hoodie is the company’s take on the vintage hiking look. It’s got ivory white fabric, flashes of bold colour and 90s inspired loose fit, ticking multiple fashion boxes for this season. 

It also claims to be highly usable in the great outdoors, being constructed from insulating fleece for warmth and clad with practical, large pockets. For the fashion forward and downright daring, there are matching ivory fleece bottoms, but just try keeping those clean on a wintery hike. 

3. Oliver Spencer Loungewear Ribbed Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

Loungewear that’s too stylish to wear indoors

Reasons to buy
+Simple and elegant design is easily paired+Relaxed cut is designed for comfort

There is no more traditional colour than navy for a hoodie. Oliver Spencer Loungewear has selected a muted hue which will pair easily with blue denim or grey sweatpants. 

The British fashion brand has neatly tucked the front pockets right round to the sides to give a completely clean appearance from the front, and the collar fastens with a single button adding a hint of formality to the loungewear staple. Undone, this collar could also let a glimpse of a bright t-shirt through, allowing for some creativity in dressing for a Sunday on the sofa.

4. Moncler striped fleece-back hoodie

High end for cold weather

Reasons to buy
+Clever dual position zipper+Covetable Moncler stripes
Reasons to avoid
-Black colour is not the most flattering on everyone

French brand Moncler has solved one of the age old problems of dressing for warmth with this smart hoodie: how to size your top layer when you might choose different base layers on different days. 

This clever garment features dual zips, so you can fasten it with room for layers on icy days but when the sun shines, maintain a slim fit. Deploying the roomier setting also flashes Moncler’s signature red and white stripes. This clever garment is completed with warm, fleece-back cotton.

5. Stone Island logo hoodie

Comfortably capturing the zeitgeist

Reasons to buy
+Jazzy colourway is a talking point+High levels of brand cache

If you’re not afraid of colour, this bold offering from Stone Island might be for you. The bright yellow embroidered logo is a deliberate clash with the orangey peachy hue of the heavy jersey sweater, and marl adds to the hypnotic effect. \

Stone Island can be forgiven for splashing its name in large letters across the front of this garment, as it is a brand that is riding high and bold logos are definitely having a fashion moment. Drake is a fan of the Italian brand, which now commands a premium for its wares.

6. Paul Smith zip-up hoodie

Loungewear with a twist of fun

Reasons to buy
+Impressive attention to detail+High comfort levels
Reasons to avoid
-Styled more for the home or gym than for wearing out

Every Paul Smith item features the signature rainbow stripes and the brand has become creative at threading the signature detail into its garments. On this unassuming grey hoodie, it’s the drawstring that has been given the rainbow treatment. 

Other nifty details include the diamond design zip pull embossed with Paul’s signature, and the visible stitching around the hood, giving definition to an otherwise simple design.

This is loungewear that makes an event out of a Sunday consuming a box set on the sofa. Ultra-soft cotton jersey material ensures that the requisite comfort levels are met too. The hoodie is available with matching jogging bottoms.

7. Tom Ford oversized hoodie

The ultimate inception of the hoodie

Reasons to buy
+Unrivalled weight and quality+Cool baby pink colour
Reasons to avoid
-Design is quite crowded with quirky details

If you ever wondered how deluxe the humble hoodie could possibly become, this is the answer. Cut in Italy from fleece backed cotton, and with a price tag of £940, this is the hoodie to relax in when cash flow isn’t a worry.

To go some way to justifying that price tag, the cut is oversize, the fabric is generously heavy and even the toggles are extra-long. Ironically, the most appealing thing about this hoodie is the one thing which comes for free: the baby pink colour. Redolent of 90s skate fashion, this is the colour to wear a hoodie in at the moment, for those bold enough anyway.

8. Nike fleece and cotton-blend hoodie

A simple improvement on a classic

Reasons to buy
+Familiar basic hoodie design+Smart design adds impact with a simple change

A simple contrast of two different fabrics makes this basic hoodie a real stand-out garment. The top half is in a fleece material and the bottom in classic jersey cotton, both in the same navy colour. The arrangement is visually impactful at the same time as being tonally subtle. 

The whole is a sweater that is so much more interesting than the standard Nike hoodie. Being based on Nike’s tried and tested hoodie design, you know it will also be comfy enough to use for real sports, as well as being hard wearing. This is a simple way to elevate the classic hoodie design, and a smart purchase for its flexibility.