9 of the best watches we saw at the British Watchmakers' Day

The event showcased the best of British watchmaking – and these were our favourites!

The British Watchmakers' Day on the 9th of March 2024
(Image credit: Sam Cross)

This past weekend, Lindley Hall in Westminster played host to the inaugural British Watchmakers' Day. This event looked to showcase the very best of the watchmaking industry here in the UK.

With over 1,000 attendees and 45 exhibitors, the event certainly proved the popularity which exists around the watch industry here. Team T3 was in attendance at the show, taking a closer look at some of the best watches on offer.

Without further ado, here are nine of the best.

Christopher Ward Bel Canto

The British Watchmakers' Day limited edition Christopher Ward Bel Canto

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Ah, the Bel Canto. Without doubt one of the best watch releases of recent years, the Bel Canto brings the majesty of a chiming watch to all new low price points.

At the show itself, a limited run of ten pieces were on sale. These models were complete with a laser etched Union Jack on the dial, and a guilloche pattern.

A stunning watch, which deserves every shred of respect it has earned. It's not hard to see why this is as rare as hen's teeth.

Farer World Timer

The Farer World Timer on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Recently re-introduced, the Farer World Timer represents one of the most budget conscious options for those looking to get their hands on a world timer watch.

In the flesh, this was absolutely fabulous. The green is a stunning hue, with a gorgeous guilloche around the outer edge. Packing all of that into a 39mm case is a staggering feat, too! 

Well worth the frankly modest sum.

Mr Jones Watches The Indefatigable Sphinx

The Mr Jones Watches Indefatigable Sphinx on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Legends of the quirky and unusual, Mr Jones Watches were out in force at the show. While the stand was complete with a whole host of one off pieces, their standout was their show piece – the Indefatigable Sphinx.

Powered by a Sellita SW200 movement and featuring a jumping hour module developed by Christopher Ward, this usual timepiece acts a little like their recently released Tadaima, with a revolving hour window.

In something of a rarity for the brand – it hasn't been present on any of the Berry Late Again, Blueberry Late or A Perfectly Useless Afternoon models we've reviewed – this watch even features a seconds hand.

Studio Underdog Pizza Party

The Studio Underdog Pizza Party on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

When watch brands get hyped up, they can quickly go from tough to get, to absolutely unattainable. That's exactly what has happened to Studio Underdog.

Starting out with their 01SERIES chronograph, the brand quickly sailed to prominence which has never really dissipated. In fact, just getting to the stand at the show was a mission, with queues circling the hall just to get a glimpse. We stuck it out, though, and the Pizza Party watch made it all worthwhile.

Nomadic Marai 401

The Nomadic Marai 401 on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

After catching a brief glimpse of the Black Shamrock model which Nomadic brought to the show – a massive shout out to the buyer who let us grab a quick look before they took their purchase home – we scoured the rest of the Marai 401 range.

Frankly speaking, these are some of the best dive watches on the market. Effortlessly stylish with neat touches and a familiar silhouette, this is a watch which everyone should have their eye on.

Boken Odyssey 

The Boken Odyssey on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

On the subject of dive watches, let's talk about this Boken Odyssey. The brand are still in relative infancy, but showcased this – their second model – at the show.

A dive watch with 1000m of water resistance is already a staggering prospect. Add in the beautiful dial – described as everything from granite to moth-wing – and the more wearable than you'd think 45mm case, and this is a real sleeper which deserves your attention.

Oracle Time x Christopher Ward C65 Dune Shoreline

The Oracle Time x Christopher Ward C65 Dune Shoreline on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

While the Oracle Time x Christopher Ward C65 Dune Shoreline was already a watch which had our attention, seeing it in person was another experience altogether. This collaboration is simply fabulous, with a really lovely hue and a sumptuous dial.

These look likely to sell out incredibly quickly, and it's really not hard to see why.

Escudo Ocean Seacrest

The Escudo Ocean Seacrest on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

If you're the kind of watch enthusiast who thrives on the details, you need to take a look at Escudo. This family-run brand prides itself on the kind of details which you might never have noticed before.

Breathe on the crystal to reveal a holographic logo. Spot the Portuguese colours on the pip at the top of the dive bezel. And don't miss the gentle chamfer on the rear of the case, to stop wear happening on the strap.

If you're on the hunt for a dive watch with real personality, this is the one for you.

Edward Christopher Manta

The Edward Christopher Manta on show at the British Watchmakers' Day

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

If I tell you a brand is just three months old and only has one model in its catalogue, you might approach with a degree of trepidation. That's probably fair – but it's also the story of Edward Christopher, and you really don't wan't to miss this.

One of the best dials on offer across the whole show floor, their Manta model features a guilloche dial which is simply flawless. Add in an internal rotating bezel, and a neat case shape, and this is a real sleeper.

Don't discount this watch – and keep a very close eye on the brand in the coming months.

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