The latest Mr Jones Watches creation is a dream for petrolheads

The new M1 model is designed in collaboration with Margaret Calvert – designer of the UK road sign network

The Mr Jones Watches M1 on a map
(Image credit: Mr Jones Watches / Mark Horton)
Quick Summary

Quirky London watchmaker, Mr Jones Watches, have released their latest design.

Created in collaboration with Margaret Calvert, this pays homage to arguably her greatest ever design – UK motorway signs.

When you've done something iconic like design the network of road signs for the UK, finding your next big project can be a tall order. Like second album syndrome among musicians, the prospect of following up your debut is daunting.

Fortunately, that hasn't plagued Margaret Calvert – the lady who did just that. She's collaborated with the folks over at Mr Jones Watches to create their brand new model – the M1.

Crafted using the blue hue of motorway signage and marked with white hands and a white border in the same manner, the watch is reminiscent of Calvert's most iconic work. The result is a watch which is evocative of the road signage Calvert is famous for.

Given the inspiration for this timepiece, it should be no surprise that this is an incredibly legible dial. The hands are chunky, with only the hours and minutes marked out, as is common for designs from Mr Jones Watches.

Speaking about the piece, Calvert said, “It’s about absolute simplicity, as the design puts all the emphasis on the hands - no need for numbers. I like the 3D effect that the layering of the hands creates. The dial has the motorway blue background with the white border as on the original signs.” 

Inside, you'll find a quartz movement powering things. That's perfect for longevity and accuracy. Plus, with no seconds hand on board, you won't have to see the ticking hand, either.

It's one of the most "normal" designs to have come out of the Mr Jones Watches factory for a long time. If you're the kind of person who might normally be put of by the quirky nature of this brand's design work, this is definitely one you should keep an eye on.

Priced at just £225, those looking to get their hands on one should head over to the Mr Jones Watches website, or to their London store.

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