Best sex toys 2021: Stay happy, healthy and satisfied

Whether solo or with a partner, this is the year to explore the wonderful world of the best sex toys

best sex toys: Lelo
(Image credit: Lelo)

Thankfully, the days of skulking around in a clandestine fashion to look for sex toys are well behind us. This is the 21st century and the best sex toys can be purchased from the ever-burgeoning number of online companies, or in Boots, or in Sainsbury's when you're doing your weekly shop. You can also order online at the click of a button, and have a discreet, unmarked package delivered direct to your door. 

Of course, interest in the colourful and vibrant sex toy market has been piqued in recent months as we've been spending lots of time at home, while other forms of entertainment (remember gigs and clubs?) have become more transgressive than an order for the latest vibrator, butt plug or whips. 

This is a big and varied market, which can seem overwhelming when dipping your toe in for the first time. There are toys designed just for women, those aimed at the male market, and toys for couples. Whatever your penchant there will no doubt be a sex toy to satisfy your needs, whether that's solo, with a partner… or more if that takes your fancy. If you know what you're looking for, we also have dedicated guides to the best dildo, the best Fleshlight and the best vibrator. If you're wanting inspiration or an general overview of the kind of options around, read on for our pick of the best sex toys around.

The best sex toys to buy now

best sex toys: Iroha Yuki

(Image credit: Tenga)

1. Iroha Yuki

Soft sensations in a very unusual vibrator

Size: 82 x 57 x 38mm
Weight: 87g
Waterproofing: Up to 50cm
Running time: Around 90 minutes
Reasons to buy
+Discrete design+Soft, smooth feel+Multiple vibration settings

Made for women, but usable whatever relationship you're in, you certainly won't struggle to find ways to use the Yuki to make things more exciting. It's a palm-sized blob that brings to mind stress toys more readily than it does sex toys, and indeed it has a certain level of squishiness to it. If you're not a fan of rigid toys, that's a big plus, and this is totally non-threatening and looks absolutely nothing like a penis – again, a plus for many.

No points for guessing that it vibrates, with Iroha packing in three different vibration strengths and a pulse mode to keep things interesting. While you can certainly use its semi-insertable tip to keep yourself happy when going solo, it's perfect for tracing lines of pleasure onto a partner in whatever spot they'd like. The whole thing is simple to operate, with two controls on the bottom, and it charges on a custom stand, included. Plus, let's face it, those looks don't scream 'sex toy' whatsoever: a bonus if you're employing the services of a cleaner...

best sex toys: Lelo Ora 3

(Image credit: Lelo)

2. Lelo Ora 3

A high-tech tongue twister

Size: 83.5 x 88 x 43.5mm
USB Rechargeable: yes
Material: Silicone
Max noise level: 50dB
Reasons to buy
+User-friendly design+Innovative technology+Good-looking toy

The Lelo Ora 3 is a chic, palm-sized sex toy designed to recreate the sensation of oral sex via a rotating, vibrating nub with 10 movement settings to choose from. It comes from Swedish company Lelo, which is known for its cutting-edge of sex toy tech and stylish devices (in fact the Ora 2, won a Cannes Lion creativity award). The Ora 3 offers a firmer, faster and more precise rotating motion. 

It also makes use of the same SenseTouch technology as its predecessors, which means that the device responds to pressure – the harder you push, the more intense the sensations. The ergonomic design means it's comfortable to hold and move around as required. It looks pretty discreet, too, so no awkward reveal at airport security!

best sex toys: Lovehoney Butt Tingler

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

3. Lovehoney Butt Tingler

Good vibrations from this beginner butt plug

Length: 5 inches
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
Circumference: 3.5 inches
Battery: 1 x AAA
Reasons to buy
+Vibrating options +Smooth and soft

For those yet to explore the intense sensations of anal play, Lovehoney’s Butt Tingler is a petite, smoothly curved bulb that makes a perfect starter sex toy. If desired, the Tingler can also provide good vibrations as it can be used as a battery-powered bullet with three speeds and seven different patterns. The T-shaped flared end will ensure it stays in place and is easy to remove, with no risk of a red-faced trip to A&E. Remember to use a lube when exploring anal toys – check our guide to the best lubes if you're not sure which one to buy.

best sex toys: Lelo Earl

(Image credit: Lelo)

4. Lelo Earl

The gold standard of prostate play

Size: 122 x 32 x 25mm
Diameter: 27mm
Insertable length: 90mm
Weight: 221g
Reasons to buy
+Looks beautiful+Reaches deep+Basically indestructible
Reasons to avoid
-Outrageously expensive-Presumably you won't be wearing those matching cufflinks for long...

Lelo makes a lot of toys, but if you're looking to add an air of gentlemanly sophistication to proceedings, there's nothing finer than the Earl. It comes with a set of matching cufflinks, for goodness' sake. That's a new one on us.

Made either of stainless steel or, if you're really dialling up the opulence of your anal play, coated in 24-karat gold, the Earl is on the more slimline end of butt-play toys, and reaches 3.5 inches in, enough for it to be a great tool for prostate massage but equally viable for enjoyment by those without a prostate. The metal material makes it suitable for temperature play (you can pop it in the fridge, though we'd definitely keep it out of the freezer), and the outer ring means it can be pulled in and out with ease, or left in place with confidence.

The one downside is the price. Even in its stainless steel variant the Earl will set you back an eye-watering amount; thankfully the Lelo Bob is the same shape in a silicone form, with the same finger-friendly outer ring. Crucially, it costs a far more reasonable amount.

best sex toys: Dominix Cock Ring

(Image credit: Dominix)

5. Dominix Cock Ring

A cock ring for those who like heavy metal

Diameter: 1.75 inches
Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 163g
Reasons to buy
+Long lasting+Well reviewed+Heavy weight 

Most cock rings are made from stretchy rubber and are easy to pull on and off. Dominix’s stainless steel hoop, however, is an altogether more weighty experience. Once in position, tucked behind the testicles, the smooth surface and weight of the ring pushes the genitals forward creating a significant effect on the look, feel and duration of the erection. This ring is designed for those who already have some experience as putting it on takes some dexterity at first, but users swear by the intensity of the experience. Once worn, never regretted.

best sex toys: We-Vibe Unite 2

(Image credit: We-Vibe)

6. We-Vibe Unite 2

It takes two to tango, and this sex toy is designed for couples

Circumference: 3 inches
Length: 3 inches
Insertable length: 2.5 inches
Power: USB rechargeable
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Hands-free stimulation+Idea for couples+9 vibrating patterns

We-Vibe specialises in sex toys for couples and the Unite 2 is the latest in its vibrators designed for two. Unite 2 is inserted during sex to add intensity to the orgasm, and for hands-free clitoral and penis stimulation. Its non-intimidating size and smooth texture makes it easy to insert and incredibly comfortable to wear. There are nine vibrating patterns, which can be operated either by pressing the button on the front of the vibrator or by your partner using the remote control. An easy, fun way to enjoy sex toy play with your partner – just don’t over-lube this delicate toy.

best sex toys: Kandid The Beaded One

(Image credit: Kandid)

7. The Beaded One

Anal beads reimagined for extra comfort

Material: Body-safe silicone
Length: 9 inches
Circumference: 3.5 inches
Reasons to buy
+Easy to use+Super comfortable
Reasons to avoid
-A range of different sizes would be good

Anal beads are a staple sex toy as it's a gentle way to start experimenting with anal play: less intimidating than a butt plug and with more control too. As a stalwart product for those familiar with sex toys, what's new about this version from Kandid? Well, take a closer look at the beads and you can see that, rather than the usual row of bulbous spheres, Kandid has produced a row of corkscrew-esque beads that are graded and twisted. The result is an extremely comfortable experience when inserting and removing. The ring is easy to hold, and for guys using The Beaded One it can also double up as a cock ring. Very neat!

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

(Image credit: Fleshlight)

8. Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

A male masturbator designed to send you skywards

Canal diameter: 0.5 inches
Sleeve length: 6.5 inches
Reasons to buy
+Realistic feel + Adjustable suction 

At this juncture we could easily make a joke about joining the mile-high club, but we will resist. Instead we will let you know about the textured canal of the Fleshlight, which is lined with ridges and bumps for a realistic feel. The suction can be intensified or lessened via the twist base. An ergonomically designed, easy to hold exterior and good-quality construction help make this sex toy a best seller. It’s also pretty discreet, making it a good travel partner, and can be used hands-free with the Fleshlight Hands-Free Adaptor (purchased separately). Not quite right for you? Explore our rundown of the best fleshlights right now.

best sex toys: 50 Shades of Grey greedy girl

(Image credit: 50 Shades of Grey)

9. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl

A lux-feeling sex toy with a generous selection of vibration patterns

Length: 9.5 inches
Insertable length: 5.5 inches
Circumference: 4.75 inches
Power: USB rechargeable
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Lots of speeds and patterns+Sturdy, luxurious quality+Motors in the shaft and 'ears'

This range of sex toys inspired by the sexual adventures of Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anastasia Steele, has proved to be nearly as popular as the books. Despite a slightly cringey name, the Greedy Girl makes our list of the best sex toys thanks to its double-motor design – one in the shaft and one in the ‘rabbit ears’ designed for clitoral stimulation – and 15 speeds and patterns, which is more than many vibrators. It's also sturdy and we were impressed by the power of the vibrations. The texture of the toy feels luxurious, too.

best sex toys: Kwesi Air vibrator

(Image credit: Pleasure Drum)

10. The Kwesi Air vibrator

A sex toy that promises more than just hot air

Reasons to buy
+Good choice of intensity+Comfortable to hold
Reasons to avoid
-A little pricey

Air vibrators are relatively new to the sex-toy market, having only been around for about five years – and they have been a revelation for women who are looking for alternative ways to orgasm using a sex toy. The clitoris has around 10,000 nerve endings and air technology aims to stimulate pretty much all of them via gentle suction while emulating oral sex. The KWESI is a new entry onto the market from The Pleasure Drum, a sex toy company that celebrates black culture. It has a sleek design and feels comfortable to hold and there are six settings that graduate in intensity. Every Pleasure Drum product comes in a traditional African cloth bag that bursts with colour and vibrancy so it feels like a real treat when this comes through the letterbox. It's great fun in the bedroom too.

best sex toys: Lelo Hugo

(Image credit: Lelo )

11. Lelo Hugo

The vibrating prostate pleaser that massages from top to bottom

Material: Body safe silicone
Size: 104 x 107 x 41mm
Diameter: 32.5mm
Power: USB rechargeable
Reasons to buy
+Remote controlled+Medium size to fit most men+Waterproof

The Lelo Hugo is a sleek-looking prostate massager with two vibrating motors – one positioned at the tip and one at the base – that can be adjusted using a dinky remote control. There are more intensity options than many other toys. Sculpted to give maximum pleasure and sized to accommodate most men, this is a male sex toy that can be enjoyed as a couple or solo. Lelo is a premium sex-toy producer. The slightly higher price point reflects the quality of the materials used and the level of research that it invests in finding toys that hit just the right mark for a great climax. The company says that Hugo can increase the male climax by 33 per cent (you’ll have to experiment for yourself to put this to the test).

best sex toys: Je Joue Ami Kegel balls

(Image credit: Je Joue)

12. Je Joue Ami Kegel Set

Exercise your pelvic floor, and have fun at the same time

Beginner: weight 47g, 4.3 inch girth
Intermediate: weight 78g, 3.9 inch girth
Advanced: weight 106g, 3.6 inch girth
Circumference: 4.25 inches
Length: 3.5 inches
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Varying weights to try+Easy to remove+Soft, vegan silicone

Kegel balls are essential for women's sexual wellness. These small, weighted balls are inserted in the vagina and designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles – the Kegel muscles grip the balls to keep them in position, while simultaneously stimulating pleasant sensations. This Je Joue Ami Kegel trio come in varying weights; you will naturally progress to the heavier weight as your muscles strengthen. This set is made with body-safe silicone, which is beautifully soft. The balls are vegan and the ergonomic retrieval loops make these nice and easy to remove.