Best hammocks: lie on your back, in the back garden

Whether you’re off to tackle the great outdoors or fancy building yourself a retreat in the garden, we’ve put together a list of the best hammocks for comfy downtime

The best hammocks 2018

Picture a hammock and it’s often hanging gently between two coconut trees with a glorious white sandy beach and sultry blue ocean in the background. In reality (because those kind of visions are way overrated), you’re more likely to be hanging it from the two spindly sycamore trees in the corner of your back garden. But, whether you’re looking for a trusty hammock to take on your next big adventure or the back garden is quite far enough thank you very much, we’ve compiled a list of the best hammocks to suit a variety of purposes.

For the back garden, you can afford to throw a bit of style into the mix; think classic cotton with the addition of a few clever knots. Or a sturdy option, like the Tiipii Hanging Hammock, which is large enough to fit two adults or five children. If you’re looking to trek the depths of the Amazon rainforest, or somewhere equally as damp and insect ridden, an easy to erect hammock with an inbuilt mosquito net and pockets for camping gadgets, like our OneTigris Camping Hammock pick, would certainly fit the bill nicely. 

With these options in mind, and with a couple of alternatives thrown into the mix, too, we’ve consulted our favourite retailers to bring you a variety of the best hammocks. From durable, tough and adventure-ready nylon to the soft, cosy, natural feel of cotton, read on below to discover the best hammocks for the back garden and beyond. 

The best hammock 2018

1. Bohemian Hammock

Slightly rough around the edges but still charming, this hammock is perfect for the beach and the garden

Best for: Lounging
Fixture: Mounting ropes
Material: Cotton
Max capacity: Single
Reasons to buy
+Made from hand knotted cotton+Bohemian style
Reasons to avoid
-Loose weave could snag

Knotted and woven from soft cotton, this Bohemian style hammock promises to be a sumptuously soft place in which to catch forty winks in the sun. It’s a little rough around the edges, but that adds to its charm, and makes it a perfect contender when it comes to that naturally rustic vision of a deserted beach strewn with palm trees and fallen coconuts. Traditionally made, and with mounting ropes included, you may need to brush up on your knot skills if this number has caught your eye.

TripWorthy Hiking Hammock

2. TripWorthy Hiking Hammock

Made from super strong nylon and built to withstand the elements, this is the perfect choice for adventurers

Best for: Adventuring
Fixture: Hanging straps and ropes
Material: Nylon
Max capacity: Two people
Reasons to buy
+Ultra lightweight+Bag included
Reasons to avoid
-Bright orange, not the most aesthetically pleasing

Lightweight, strong and durable, this hammock is perfect for taking on your next backpacking adventure. According to the team behind it, it’s quick to assemble, coming with both hanging straps and ropes, so tying it between two suitable trees is both quick and convenient. Large enough for one person, or two if you fancy a cuddle in the great outdoors, this deceptively strong hiking hammock is pretty good value for money, and can be hung conveniently from your rucksack when folded up in its own little bag. 

Vivere Double Hammock with Stand

3. Vivere Double Hammock with Stand

Bright, vibrant, and with a stand in tow, this hammock with stand is perfect for lazy afternoons

Best for: A garden snooze
Fixture: Stand
Material: Cotton and steel
Max capacity: Two people
Reasons to buy
+Quick to assemble+Funky design
Reasons to avoid
-Not for traditional tree hanging

If you’re not adventuring off the shores of Blighty, blink, and you may miss that one fleck of sunshine we’re gonna get for the day. So, instead of faffing around with knots and finding two trees that are within perfect distance of each other, the bright, funky hammock comes with its own stand for ultimate convenience. With an easy to assemble stand and adjustable hooks so you can swing from the right height, this is the best hammock for those who wanna get outside with a beer ASAP.

WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Camping Hammock

4. WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Camping Hammock

The ideal camping companion; if you want to go tent-free on a dry night

Best for: Sleeping in the great outdoors
Fixture: Clinch buckles
Material: Nylon, polyester and steel
Max capacity: Two people
Reasons to buy
+Strong and durable+Comes in a range of colours
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t come with an mosquito cover

If you’re happy to admit that you’re not the next Bear Grylls, we think you’ll be in for a treat with this camping hammock. To secure it to two suitable trees, this hammock uses clinch buckles, rather than knots, so there’s no need to dig out your old Scouts activity book from the loft to do some hasty knots revision. While it’s not pure nylon like our second pick, it’s still more than strong enough for the bi-annual camping trip, and can be easily transported in its own bag. 

Tiipii Hanging Hammock

5. Tiipii Hanging Hammock

Soft, sensual and stylish, this hammock is the perfect retreat for an afternoon snooze

Best for: Stylish garden addition
Fixture: Rope
Material: Poly-cotton
Max capacity: Two adults or five children
Reasons to buy
+Wide base+Removable canopy
Reasons to avoid
-Hammock stand not included

For use indoors, outdoors, in the garden or on the beach, this is beautifully simple and stylish hammock perfect for use by couples or up to five children. Either choose to hang the hammock from a tree or pair with a hammock stand to make setting it up ultra convenient. Made from a water-resistant poly-cotton blend, it’s perfect for keeping in the back garden rain or shine – just make sure that you take the canopy inside with you. 

Amazonas Spreader Bar Tobago Hammock

6. Amazonas Spreader Bar Tobago Hammock

A traditional hammock, notorious for being a balancing act

Best for: Traditional hammock
Fixture: Rope
Max capacity: One person
Reasons to buy
+Traditional style+Great price
Reasons to avoid
- It’ll take time to master getting in it 

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, are you brave enough to go for the traditional style hammock? Made from a strong but soft blend of cotton and polyester, this classic hammock with built in spread bars will, with some mastering, provide the perfect retreat for when a respite from the everyday is required. It’s made with the environment in mind and it won’t cost you the earth, too, so for a garden feature or trusty beach friend, this is great buy. 

OneTigris Camping Hammock

7. OneTigris Camping Hammock

With its mosquito canopy, this is the best hammock for trekking insect infested areas

Best for: Mosquito and bug protection
Fixture: Rope
Max capacity: Two people
Reasons to buy
+Zipped mosquito canopy+Breathable fabric and quick drying
Reasons to avoid
-No instructions for hanging

If you like the idea of camping out in a hammock but you don’t like the idea of being eaten alive by insects in your sleep, this adventuring hammock with built in mosquito canopy is the best solution. With the option to close yourself off using a secure zip, this should certainly put your mind to rest. There’s 2 handy storage pockets for torches and camping-related gadgets, and if you happen to be somewhere very wet, it’s handy to know that this hammock is fast drying for packing away the next day.