Xbox: Kinect sensor only works in a tidy, quiet room

And you'll need to be six feet from the sensor

Will your living room make the cut?

Microsoft has released a video explaining the perfect conditions for setting up the Kinect sensor, and has inadvertently pinpointed some of the upcoming device’s shortfalls. While the video obviously spins Kinect’s optimum environment in a positive light, its developers do concede that some conditions will have an adverse effect.

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First on the list is cleanliness. As Kinect needs to scan the floor on its initial setup, any mess or clutter will hinder its accuracy. MS suggest you “Clean up and move things out of the way.”

Lighting also comes into play. Having the room lit on one side and not on the other (as in from a lamp) will make things harder for the poor little sensor, and the video suggests a well, evenly lit room. Likewise, try and keep the noise down so as to give the microphones a helping hand.

The last, and perhaps most worrying, point is that Kinect’s developers recommend you stand 6 feet away from the sensor. 6 feet? That’s surely a lot more room than most people have at the ready. Come to think of it, back in August when T3 went to see Kinect at Microsoft’s HQ it was shown working in a variety of rooms, but they were all definitely on the large side. Check out the video below:

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