Wii Remote Plus release date and price official

New Wii Remote Plus to launch in November and cost £30

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Wii Remote Plus
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Wii Remote Plus

Wii Remote Plus launch confirmed early November

The new Wii Remote Plus will officially go on sale in Japan on November 11th. Nintendo have priced the controller at around ¥3,800, which is the equivalent of about £30.

The new Remote Plus has built-in MotionPlus, so gamers will no longer have to fit it into the Motion Plus accessory. The new controller will also be packaged with existing games, like the Wii Sports Resort, and with the Wii console itself in a bid to phase out the original controller.

The Remote Plus will, in true Nintendo style, be available in five colours: white, red, blue, black and pink. There's also rumours of a red Nunchuck being released on the same day, all part of the Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary. Let's just hope it doesn't cause squabbles over who gets which colour.

So far there is no news on UK release, so until then we'll be waiting with baited breath.

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