Wii 2: HD graphics needed above all else say T3 readers

Market-leading visuals tops your list of Wii sequel priorities

Nintendo, take note...

We asked, and the T3 masses spoke. Lat week we were prompted by official word from Nintendo to ask you, our loyal readers, what you’d most like to see in the Wii 2. The options were varied, but we tried to include everything that the original motion-control console has often been criticized for lacking, or that will be likely from a sequel from Ninty.

The results were varied, but left little doubt as to what the majority need to see in the Wii 2 for it to deserve your cash. While just 12.32 per cent of you wanted more adult-orientated games, 13.75 per cent felt that 3D gaming is the way to go and 15.47 per cent demand more accurate motion control, a more optimistic 23.5 per cent of the vote went for mind-control gaming.

That leaves the majority vote then, 34.96 per cent, who think the main criteria for the Wii 2 is market-leading HD graphical capabilities. The Wii has been condemned in the past for its short-sighted lack of HD graphics, and some developers have struggled to port leading titles over to the machine, thanks to its lower spec when compared to the Xbox and PS3 – so it’s no surprise that you voted in droves for that option.

As Kevin Morrin put it on the T3 Facebook page: “Since the PlayStation Move is what the Wii should have been, Nintendo will need to pull out all the stops for a Wii 2.”