Twitter updates iPad 2 app with video and photo capture

iPad 2 friendly apps start to flood the app store

Make use of those dual cameras right out of the box and tweet your purchase to the world

Twitter has chosen iPad 2 UK launch day to update its official application and make use of the new Apple tablet's two new camera lenses.

Twitter for iPad now allows users to post pictures and video shot directly from the device and upload the, directly to your Twitter feed, just like the iPhone iteration.

Users will also be able to choose which service they use to upload the camera footage, with TwitVid, yFrog and Posterous among the options.

It's quite a subtle change that offers the option to use the camera or shots already existing in the camera roll, when attempting to add a picture to a new tweet.

The update, which also features a number of bug fixes, is available to download from the App Store now and we suggest it as one of the first you snag when you get the wrapper off that iPad 2 in a matter of hours.

Link: Twitter for iPad