Twitter European HQ aimed at London following PM meeting?

David Cameron and Boris Johnson meet with Twitter

European Twitter HQ to hit Silicon Roundabout

Twitter executives have met with Prime Minister David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson recently as the micro blogging site considers London and the Silicon Roundabout for its upcoming European base.

The two leading politicians were joined by a range of Number 10 delegates for the personal meeting with Twitter executives that included the company’s Head of International Strategy Katie Jacobs Stanton. The government contingent was reportedly tasked with charming Twitter into setting up its planned European HQ within the city. A Number 10 source was quoted as saying: "All that matters is that they come to London."

The political pampering appears to have had its desired effect as Stanton later tweeted: "Hugely impressed with PM Cameron @MayorOfLondon & the @Number10gov teams." She added personalised sub 140-character comments of Cameron and Johnson describing the London Mayor as: “He is awesome! Smart, funny and big advocate of tech and innovation.”

With an official Twitter statement declaring: "We are considering London and other European locations to create an initial and small presence in 2011," PM David Camera appears to have changed his opinion of the social networking base after last year declaring he didn’t use the site though fear of slipping up. He said: "The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a twat.”

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Via: Telegraph