Tech Today: Fuel-powered MacBooks, PS Vita launch games

Plus: YouTube adds some festive cheer, RIM deines lies

In Thursday's late breaking news, Apple may have plans to launch notebooks with batteries that can last for weeks, while OnLive has given the Xperia Play a new lease of life.

Fuel-cell powered MacBooks in the works?
Apple could make thinner and lighter notebooks by swapping batteries for fuel-cell powered devices. A patent filing uncovered by AppleInsider says that renewable energy sources such as hydrogen power could be a replacement for traditional battery powered devices. The tech could allow notebooks to run for days and weeks without charging
Link: AppleInsider

OnLive lands on Xperia Play
Sony Ericsson's attempt to launch a PlayStation phone wasn't exactly a runaway success, but the Xperia Play has been given an unexpected new lease of life thanks to the launch of the OnLive app for the phone. Instead of just PSP ports the device, and it slide-out control pad can now put to full use with PS3 quality titles. In fact it might now be a viable alternative to the PS Vita.
Link: Engadget

YouTube adds festive snow-mode
Following Google's "let it snow" search mode, the company has added some similar festive niceness to YouTube videos, which have been enhanced with some optional, digital falling snowflakes. Judging by the unseasonably reasonable December we're experiencing it might be our only chance for a white Christmas this year.
Link: The Verge

RIM denies lying about BB10 delays
BlackBerry-maker RIM has strenuously denied reports that it lied about the reasons why BlackBerry 10 phones have been delayed. An article on BGR suggested that RIM wasn't launching phones because "they don't have a working product yet". RIM had claimed that the launch had been delayed as it was waiting on chips to be manufactured, a stance it continues to stand behind.
Link: Washington Post

PS VIta launch titles announced
Sony has announced an impressive array of games that will be available in the US on launch day. Among the titles are FIFA Soccer, Michael Jackson The Experience and Virtua Tennis 4. There's no news on the UK line-up yet, but we can't imagine it would be too different from what's being served up across the pond. The PS Vita arrives in the UK, Europe, US and Canada on 22 February.
Link: PlayStation Blog