Tech Today: Android apps 10p, Facebook flaw exposes Zuck

Plus: Xbox update finally lands, Microsoft Windows Store unveiled

In Tuesday's late breaking news, Microsoft has shown-off its new app store, while a Facebook privacy flaw has exposed Mark Zuckerberg's private photos. Also , Google is offering premium Android apps for just 10p

Zuckerberg's private photos exposed by Facebook security flaw
Facebook moved quickly to stamp out a worrying security flaw which allowed other users to see your private photo albums just by reporting one of your photos as containing nudity or pornography. The bug, as Facebook described it, was exploited by a hacker who accessed company CEO Mark Zuckerberg's private albums and posted them online. The words 'other' 'foot' 'boot' 'on' and 'the' spring to mind.
Link: Gizmodo

Microsoft previews Windows Store for Windows 8
With the Windows 8 beta version set to be unveiled in February, Microsoft has previewed the Windows Store that'll accompany the new OS. The app features the new Metro UI and will include the likes of Cut The Cope, The Telegraph, eBay, Evernote and digital books from Disney. The Store will also see seemless integration with Windows 8 PCs and slates.
Link: Windows Store Blog

Alec Baldwin thrown off flight for playing Words With Friends
30 Rock actor and all-round man par excellence Alec Baldwin was chucked off an American Airlines flight on Tuesday evening for playing Words With Friends on his iPhone while the plane was still on the runway. The star tweeted: "Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving."
Link: Gizmodo

Xbox dashboard update arrives... eventually
Microsoft has begun rolling-out the Xbox dashboard update following a day of unspecified delays. The update brings a host of new multimedia content and system-wide Kinect voice control.
Via: Engadget

Android app downloads top 10 billion, offers 10p apps
Google's Android platform continues to go from strength-to-strength with the company recording its 10 billionth app download. The company says that apps are now being downloaded at an astonishing one billion a month. To celebrate the landmark, Google is offering premium apps for just 10p. Among the ten most popular apps going cheap in the UK are SoundHound, Endomondo and Asphalt 6.
Link: BBC News