Samsung reaction to Apple's Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban

Official statement on the ruling against their tablet

Samsung have spoken out about the ruling which has seen their flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany by Apple and the German courts

The company has said it 'is disappointed with the court's decision' after the German court ruled in favour of an injunction filed by Apple against Samsung earlier this week regarding it's latest tablet. The ruling will see distribution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 halted both in Germany and the UK.

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The company went on to say: "We intend to act immediately to defend our intellectual property rights through the ongoing legal proceedings in Germany and will continue to actively defend these rights throughout the world."

What is first apparent here is the self-restraint Samsung has used by saying they're just 'disappointed' at the ruling. The German courts have stopped sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 after it ruled that the product infringed on patents held by Apple.

The statement then also goes on to assure customers that all products that have already been distributed in Germany and the UK before August 9 will still be on sale however anything after that will be affected by the injunction. They've unsurprisingly confirmed that they'll be appealing the ruling immediately in an effort to minimise the damage to sales.

While Samsung have understandably tried to play this down as much as possible, the ramifications of the ruling mean that once shop stocks run dry, unless the injunction is settled, then there won't be any Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's on the shelves.

What do yout think, is the ruling fair, or is Apple wrongly on the warpath? Join the debate at Facebook and Twitter.

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