PlayStation Vita price revealed at E3 expo in LA

WiFi and 3G models get official pricing at gaming expo

Sony PlayStation Vita gets launch price at E3.

So, the PlayStation Vita (or PSP 2, as we've all been calling it) is finally here. Well, just about. Announced at Sony's conference at E3 in the early hours of this morning, Sony's spanking new Vita handheld packs an OLED screen, SixAxis control and graphics comparable to the PS3 - and also, a price tag.

Priced at 249 Euros for the WiFi model or 299 Euros for the 3G model, we used the power of online currency conversion to come out at UK Sony Vita prices of £223 and £268, in lieu of any official UK pricing. That's a £50-odd bump on the current PSP 3000 series Amazon price of £171.

The PlayStation Vita price for US customers, by comparison, is a predictably more budget friendly $249 for the WiFi version, or $299 for the 3G Vita model.

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Sony Vita video

We were given a sneak peek of the Vita a couple of weeks ago back when it was called the NGP. We weren't allowed to film the product but here's a rundown of our Deputy Editor made of the new handheld console.

Source: T3 Tech Videos