More than 230,000 following the Queen on Facebook

Many people "like" The British Monarchy's Facebook page

It's been less than a week since the British Monarchy Facebook page went live, yet over 230,000 Facebook-ers already "like" the page.

However, not only genuine fans but anti-royalists also joined the page to pass rude or abusive comments on various discussion boards, which have been moderated.

The Queen and the British Monarchy are no strangers to social media and technology. Over the course of time, they have adopted social media to communicate directly with the people.

They already have official Twitter and Flickr accounts, as well as a YouTube channel. Their official Twitter page has over 75,000 followers, with their YouTube channel having over 33,000 subscribers and over 8 million upload views.

Now they've adopted Facebook and from the looks of it, have a hefty fan following already.

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