Monty Python's Flying Circus social games incoming

Zattikka acquires license for Monty Python social games

Run away? Not likely.

Watch out Farmville, Monty Python's Flying Circus is coming to Facebook.

Zattikka, a social gaming company, has acquired the license to create social games based on Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Tim Chaney, CEO of Zattikka said, "Monty Python is one of the most iconic comedy licenses around, but there has been no new material for over 20 years. By acquiring these rights we will be transporting Monty Python into the 21st Century, with a totally new experience for their unique comedy that will delight old and new fans alike."

The statement by Zattikka assures Monty Python fans that the games will pay homage to all the ingredients that makes Monty Python what it is. The game will first be made available on Facebook, and will also include a web presence.

The Python team are said to be involved with the process of turning the brand into a social game.

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